In recent years, foreign market demand for road roller is increasing, China’s road roller export scale is expanding, as domestic road roller enterprises continue to increase investment in research and development, the future domestic enterprises will occupy a dominant position in the global market competition, the industry development prospects are broad.

Road roller is a kind of machine that uses the mechanical weight and vibration method to repeatedly load the compacted material, force the material particles to wedge each other, so as to achieve a certain degree of compactness and flatness. According to the different quality of work, the roller can be divided into light, small, medium, heavy roller; According to the different compaction principle, can be divided into static pressure type, vibration type, impact type roller; According to the different roller, the static roller can be divided into single steel wheel roller, double steel wheel roller. Road roller is an important compaction mechanical equipment in road construction, which can be used in expressway, railway, airport runway, dam and other scenarios, and is widely used.

In recent years, with the continuous increase of domestic infrastructure investment, road roller as one of the important construction machinery, its market sales show a fluctuating upward trend. According to the data of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the sales volume of domestic road rollers in 2020 was 19,479, up 14.7% year on year; The sales volume of road rollers in 2021 was 19,519 units, up 0.2% year on year. From the market segment point of view, in 2021, hydraulic single steel roller is the largest market share of domestic roller, 29.8%, followed by light roller and mechanical single steel roller, market shares are 24.5% and 24.3%, respectively, the three accounted for 78.6%, is the current domestic mainstream roller models.