Characteristics and scope of application of common bulldozer

(1) Crawler type: This type of bulldozer has the advantages of large adhesion traction and strong climbing ability, and can be competent for more sinister working environment. It is a representative type of bulldozer and is widely used in all kinds of earthwork projects;

(2) Tyre type: This type of bulldozer has the advantages of high speed, short working cycle time, no damage to the road surface and good mobility, and is suitable for municipal engineering;

(3) Special type: This type of bulldozer is suitable for specific work situations, and there are wetland bulldozer, amphibious bulldozer, underwater bulldozer, blasting bulldozer, cabin bulldozer, military fast bulldozer, etc.

The bulldozer has the characteristics of flexible operation, convenient rotation, small working face and fast driving speed. It is mainly suitable for shallow excavation and short transportation of one to three types of soil, such as site cleaning or leveling, excavation of small depth of foundation pit and backfill, pushing the height of the roadbed and other operations. The use of bulldozer is very wide, is one of the most commonly used shovel transport machinery, in the earthmoving construction machinery occupies a very important position. Bulldozers in roads, railways, airports, ports and other transportation construction, in mining, farmland transformation, water conservancy construction, large-scale power stations and national defense construction plays a huge role.