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Driverless tractors have been unveiled

On the occasion of the 20th National Congress of the Party, the representative of the agricultural machinery industry—YTO LF2204 unmanned tractor, appeared in the “Endeavor new era” theme achievement exhibition. According to the introduction, the tractor is a configuration of power shift variable speed system, no cab driverless tractor. It has appeared in the global […]

Road roller as one of the main construction machinery industry development prospects

In recent years, foreign market demand for road roller is increasing, China’s road roller export scale is expanding, as domestic road roller enterprises continue to increase investment in research and development, the future domestic enterprises will occupy a dominant position in the global market competition, the industry development prospects are broad. Road roller is a […]

Key knowledge! Large roller fuel – saving strategy

Large roller is widely used in filling and compaction of high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, DAMS, stadiums and other large engineering projects. Its advantage is strong work quality and high efficiency, but for users, it is the most concerned problem to reduce fuel consumption without affecting the work. 1, choose the appropriate driving speed, not […]

They are the general trend for Intelligent construction equipment and network data calculation

At present, intelligent construction machinery is one of the main research directions of major manufacturers and research institutions. There are many technical obstacles in the research and development process, and there is a long way. According to bauma Munich, topics related to intelligent construction and connected data computing will be the focus of industry discussion […]

Advantages of tracked tractors

Crawler tractor is widely used in agriculture and the market demand is also great. Crawler tractor has the advantages of small pressure per unit area of soil and good adhesion to soil (not easy to slip), in the soil wet and soft zone has better performance, high traction efficiency. As agricultural machinery giant, the tracked […]

YTO-CG902 light track tractor, easy to operate, will be on the market

CG902 is independently developed by China YTO, and its core components such as transmission system, walking system, engine, frame and cab are independently processed and manufactured by YTO. The whole machine has good matching and superior comprehensive performance. Supporting YD series turbocharged medium-cooling, high-pressure common rail engine, energy saving and environmental protection, more powerful power; […]

Construction machinery next “characteristic” — green intelligence

Construction machinery is widely used in construction, water conservancy, electric power, roads, mines, ports and national defense and other engineering fields, a wide variety of, is an important lever to drive and economic development, improve infrastructure construction. China’s construction machinery industry, after 50 years of development, has become an important industry with considerable scale and […]

Cause analysis and troubleshooting of failure of bulldozer steering when working

Bulldozer is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in the construction site of infrastructure construction, due to long-term high load operation combined with the impact of the bad working environment, a long time will be, bulldozer opportunity can not turn, turn difficult, cold car can turn hot car can not turn (transmission part of […]

Prospect of bulldozer industry

Bulldozer as one of the representatives of China’s high-end manufacturing industry, ups and downs experienced nearly half a century of development, with the continuous improvement of construction mechanization requirements, bulldozer technology is constantly moving forward. Looking forward to the future, China’s bulldozer market will be more intelligent, environmental protection and technology. 1. Intelligent Bulldozer future technology […]

What are the faults of crawler bulldozer that can’t walk normally?

During routine work, the crawler bulldozer failed.For example, walking errant, not walking, fast block walking errant and other problems, among which walking errant is one of the common fault phenomena of crawler bulldozer, such faults are usually related to the walking motor, crawler and hydraulic pump and other components. First, the caterpillar bulldozer running deviation […]