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ROADER has a strategic cooperation with Hyundai Robotics

ROADER and Hyundai Robotics, adheres to the creative wisdom, positive will, strong driving force of the modern spirit, comprehensive development in the Chinese market.   Both teams will give full play to the modern in spot welding, arc welding robot and up-down material, coating and other mature application scenarios, to provide intelligent solutions for automation […]

ROADER road roller is trusted by users

Recently, 4.5 tons of single steel wheel vibratory roller is produced and manufactured by Luoyang ROADER Company, which has been sent to all over the country. Luoyang ROADER 4.5ton single steel wheel vibratory roller is one of the leading export-oriented products of small tonnage high-end roller, which is especially favored by users in countries and […]

How to maintain the loader

Loaders are used for filling and digging of roadbed engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt mixture and cement concrete yard. In order to maintain the normal operation of the loader and prolong its service life, the various components of the loader must be systematically and carefully inspected, adjusted and cleaned to create good working conditions […]

What are the differences between bulldozers and loaders?

Although loaders and bulldozers belong to the same industry, the two are different. Loaders are used for earth-moving construction machinery, while bulldozers are used for earth-moving construction machinery. In addition, it can also be seen literally that the main role of the loader is loading and unloading, and the bulldozer is clearing land, roads and […]

Tractor operation skills

In recent years, agricultural mechanization at home and abroad has entered a new stage of rapid development. At the same time, the safe driving operation technology of tractor drivers has become an important subject that cannot be ignored. The essentials of tractor operation, as the main link of tractor safe driving operation, is the content […]

Common faults and solutions of small road rollers

Small road rollers are widely used in the edge compaction work of various roads and the second highway compaction. It is a common road compaction machine in our daily life. For people doing engineering, the normal use of the road roller is to ensure the workload The premise is that once the roller fails, the […]

How to choose a tractor correctly?

With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of technology, small tractors are gradually emerging in agriculture and are widely used. Choosing a suitable small tractor will lay the foundation for the smooth progress of agricultural production. So, what are the tractor models and how should we buy them? Tractor model There are […]

What are the inspection procedures for driving road rollers before starting?

Driving road rollers are common road construction equipment in life. In order to ensure the normal operation of the rollers when in use, we need to check and prepare before the machine starts. What is the specific process? We will learn more in the next article. Inspection and preparation work of driving road roller before […]

Instructions for the use of wheeled tractors and key points of driving operation

Wheeled tractors are power equipment used for traction or driving. They are widely used in our daily agricultural production and transportation. In order to better play their role, it is very important to understand and master the precautions for use and driving operation of wheeled tractors. Precautions for use 1. Engine idling running-in inspection: ① […]

Road roller maintenance skills

Road rollers are a relatively common type of road construction machinery. Any mechanical equipment has their service life. In order to increase the working rate of the road roller, individuals or units should maintain the road roller after purchasing the road roller. Specific maintenance skills can refer to the following methods: Maintenance during the running-in […]