Large roller is widely used in filling and compaction of high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, DAMS, stadiums and other large engineering projects. Its advantage is strong work quality and high efficiency, but for users, it is the most concerned problem to reduce fuel consumption without affecting the work.

1, choose the appropriate driving speed, not overspeed driving.

2, the locomotive load should be appropriate. Practice has proved that the load of about 85% is the most fuel-efficient and economical, so as not to waste oil.

3,Keep the performance of electrical system and starting mechanism intact. Do not idle the engine for a long time, stop immediately flameout.

4, reasonable selection of mechanical equipment. Proper planning of driving routes, as far as possible to reduce 4 tons of roller idling, empty driving, circuitous, stop in the middle, shorten the total distance of operation, reduce ineffective energy consumption.

5, keep the normal working temperature of the engine, especially in the cold season, try to keep the water temperature at 75-90℃, and use oil according to the season.

6,Regularly remove scale of cooling system, oil scale and sediment of pipeline and muffler.

7,Carry out technical maintenance in a timely and reasonable manner to keep all parts and mechanisms in good technical condition.

8, correct adjustment of the brake, often check the large roller front and rear wheels, keep the tire pressure normal.

9, purify oil, measurement of refueling. If without precipitation filtration before use, impurities in the oil will bring harm to the plunger and needle valve couple, so that the locomotive power decreases and fuel consumption increases. Therefore, general oil should be precipitated for more than 48 hours of reuse.

10,Prevention of oil leakage. Because the roller has been used for a long time, there will be poor contact, improper assembly, mat damage, screw loosening, pipe deformation or rupture, aging seal ring, will cause oil leakage. Therefore, corresponding countermeasures must be taken to timely plug the leak and save oil.