In summer, tractor maintenance needs to pay special attention to the following aspects:
1. Clean cooling system
Regularly clean the debris, dust and dirt on the water tank, radiator and fan to ensure a good heat dissipation effect.
2. Check cooling system
Ensure that coolant is sufficient and of good quality to prevent engine overheating. Replace the coolant if necessary.
3. Maintain the air filter
There is more dust in the air in summer, and the air filter should be checked and cleaned frequently to prevent poor intake.
4. Tire maintenance
Pay attention to the tire pressure to avoid too high or too low pressure. Too high air pressure is easy to blow a tire at high temperature, and too low will increase tire wear.
5. Electrical system inspection
Check the wires for damage, aging or poor contact to prevent short circuits and fire.
6. Lubrication system
Replace and add lubricating oil as required to ensure that all components are well lubricated.
7. Fuel system
Clean the fuel filter regularly to prevent impurities from clogging the oil line.
8. Parking and protection
Avoid the tractor being exposed to sunlight for a long time and can be parked in a cool and ventilated place. If possible, use car clothing for protection.
9. Check brake system
Ensure good braking performance, timely adjustment and replacement of worn brake components.
10. Regular engine maintenance
Perform regular engine maintenance according to the requirements of the user manual, including checking valve clearance, spark plug, etc.
In short, the maintenance of tractors in summer is very important, and the maintenance measures can be carefully done to extend the service life of tractors and improve work efficiency.