Bulldozer overseas market prospects are broad, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Market demand growth: With the development of the global economy and the continuous advancement of infrastructure construction, the demand for bulldozers in construction, mining, road construction and other fields continues to grow. Especially in emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions, the demand for infrastructure construction is more vigorous, providing a huge development space for the bulldozer market.

Technology upgrading: As technology continues to advance, the technology of bulldozers is also constantly upgrading. For example, the application of intelligent and automated technology makes the operation of the bulldozer more simple and efficient, and improves the construction quality and efficiency. At the same time, the application of environmental protection and energy-saving technology is also in line with the trend of global sustainable development, and is favored by more and more users.

The rise of Chinese brands: The competitiveness of Chinese bulldozer brands in technology, quality, cost performance and other aspects continues to improve, and gradually emerges in the international market. The export volume of Chinese brand bulldozers is increasing year by year, and the market share is also expanding.

Of course, the bulldozer overseas market also faces some challenges, such as fierce market competition, trade protectionism and so on. But in general, the bulldozer overseas market prospects are still broad, with greater development potential.

On July 4, the 2023 China (Henan) – Israel advanced manufacturing and automotive industry technology seminar  with the theme of “Openness, cooperation, development and win-win” was held in Zhengzhou,Henan. This exhibition is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the industry. The Commercial Office of the Israeli Embassy in China and the Foreign Affairs Office of Henan Province jointly held the “Israel Technology to put into use the intelligent transformation of Manufacturing Business Conference” in Zhengzhou. ROADER Group and six Israeli enterprises respectively exchanged and discussed their technologies and solutions, and had a profound discussion on promoting the high-end, intelligent and green development of the construction machinery industry.

On the occasion of the 20th National Congress of the Party, the representative of the agricultural machinery industry—YTO LF2204 unmanned tractor, appeared in the “Endeavor new era” theme achievement exhibition.

According to the introduction, the tractor is a configuration of power shift variable speed system, no cab driverless tractor. It has appeared in the global unmanned farm experiment demonstration project of more than 10,000 mu, and was rated as stable by experts. Tractor appears the theme achievement exhibition, is the embodiment that the central government attaches great importance to agriculture.

In recent years, foreign market demand for road roller is increasing, China’s road roller export scale is expanding, as domestic road roller enterprises continue to increase investment in research and development, the future domestic enterprises will occupy a dominant position in the global market competition, the industry development prospects are broad.

Road roller is a kind of machine that uses the mechanical weight and vibration method to repeatedly load the compacted material, force the material particles to wedge each other, so as to achieve a certain degree of compactness and flatness. According to the different quality of work, the roller can be divided into light, small, medium, heavy roller; According to the different compaction principle, can be divided into static pressure type, vibration type, impact type roller; According to the different roller, the static roller can be divided into single steel wheel roller, double steel wheel roller. Road roller is an important compaction mechanical equipment in road construction, which can be used in expressway, railway, airport runway, dam and other scenarios, and is widely used.

In recent years, with the continuous increase of domestic infrastructure investment, road roller as one of the important construction machinery, its market sales show a fluctuating upward trend. According to the data of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the sales volume of domestic road rollers in 2020 was 19,479, up 14.7% year on year; The sales volume of road rollers in 2021 was 19,519 units, up 0.2% year on year. From the market segment point of view, in 2021, hydraulic single steel roller is the largest market share of domestic roller, 29.8%, followed by light roller and mechanical single steel roller, market shares are 24.5% and 24.3%, respectively, the three accounted for 78.6%, is the current domestic mainstream roller models.

Large roller is widely used in filling and compaction of high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, DAMS, stadiums and other large engineering projects. Its advantage is strong work quality and high efficiency, but for users, it is the most concerned problem to reduce fuel consumption without affecting the work.

1, choose the appropriate driving speed, not overspeed driving.

2, the locomotive load should be appropriate. Practice has proved that the load of about 85% is the most fuel-efficient and economical, so as not to waste oil.

3,Keep the performance of electrical system and starting mechanism intact. Do not idle the engine for a long time, stop immediately flameout.

4, reasonable selection of mechanical equipment. Proper planning of driving routes, as far as possible to reduce 4 tons of roller idling, empty driving, circuitous, stop in the middle, shorten the total distance of operation, reduce ineffective energy consumption.

5, keep the normal working temperature of the engine, especially in the cold season, try to keep the water temperature at 75-90℃, and use oil according to the season.

6,Regularly remove scale of cooling system, oil scale and sediment of pipeline and muffler.

7,Carry out technical maintenance in a timely and reasonable manner to keep all parts and mechanisms in good technical condition.

8, correct adjustment of the brake, often check the large roller front and rear wheels, keep the tire pressure normal.

9, purify oil, measurement of refueling. If without precipitation filtration before use, impurities in the oil will bring harm to the plunger and needle valve couple, so that the locomotive power decreases and fuel consumption increases. Therefore, general oil should be precipitated for more than 48 hours of reuse.

10,Prevention of oil leakage. Because the roller has been used for a long time, there will be poor contact, improper assembly, mat damage, screw loosening, pipe deformation or rupture, aging seal ring, will cause oil leakage. Therefore, corresponding countermeasures must be taken to timely plug the leak and save oil.

At present, intelligent construction machinery is one of the main research directions of major manufacturers and research institutions. There are many technical obstacles in the research and development process, and there is a long way. According to bauma Munich, topics related to intelligent construction and connected data computing will be the focus of industry discussion in 2022.

In order to achieve partial automation in more complex construction machinery construction sites, it is essential that different brands of equipment can communicate data and information to each other. To this end, the German association of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and Germany are actively promote construction industry association, in order to make future construction site to more self-independence of digital, intelligent and way of operation and management, from the most basic equipment “starting/stopping” began, the running status of equipment and so on all need to implement standardization of data information. This cross-machine collaboration allows construction operations to multi-task in parallel and, ideally, cut construction time in half.


Crawler tractor is widely used in agriculture and the market demand is also great. Crawler tractor has the advantages of small pressure per unit area of soil and good adhesion to soil (not easy to slip), in the soil wet and soft zone has better performance, high traction efficiency. As agricultural machinery giant, the tracked tractors produced by YTO have been favored and concerned by market customers.

CG902 is independently developed by China YTO, and its core components such as transmission system, walking system, engine, frame and cab are independently processed and manufactured by YTO. The whole machine has good matching and superior comprehensive performance.

Supporting YD series turbocharged medium-cooling, high-pressure common rail engine, energy saving and environmental protection, more powerful power;

8+8 meshing gear shift gearbox, the number of gears, shuttle shift, reversing operation is convenient;

YTO-CG902 light track tractor

Planetary gear terminal transmission, compact structure, high strength; Wet multi-disc steering clutch, long service life;

Electric proportional hydraulic steering system, steering precision, steering wheel operation more comfortable;

Adopt full-frame welding frame, light weight, strong adaptability of paddy field operation; Middle frame.

The supporting wheel has uniform force and long service life.

Matching dry, double plate 12 “double acting clutch, smooth power transmission, large torque reserve; Rear, independent power output structure, easy to operate and use; There are 720/1000, 540/720r/min double speed for choice, with strong adaptability; The hydraulic lifting system has a one-way throttle valve to adjust the handwheel, the descent speed can be adjusted; Base equipped with two groups of hydraulic output, optional three groups, with strong adaptability, supporting Faster imported quick change joints, more reliable use.

Construction machinery is widely used in construction, water conservancy, electric power, roads, mines, ports and national defense and other engineering fields, a wide variety of, is an important lever to drive and economic development, improve infrastructure construction. China’s construction machinery industry, after 50 years of development, has become an important industry with considerable scale and vigorous development, which can produce 18 categories of products of more than 4,500 specifications and models, basically meeting the needs of the domestic market. Its development is also notable.

construction machinery
In recent decades, China’s construction machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in the transformation of development mode and economic structure adjustment, and its comprehensive strength has been rapidly enhanced, and its international competitiveness and industrial status have been greatly enhanced. The technical level and reliability of all kinds of products in China’s construction machinery industry have reached or even exceeded the international advanced level, and there are many famous Chinese brands in the field of construction machinery in the world. Nowadays, the construction machinery industry is moving towards a new direction of more green and environmental protection, to a higher level.
Today, as “carbon peak and carbon neutral” has been written into the government work report and the outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan, green and high-quality development has become the focus of attention from all sectors.

As a construction machinery industry, what can be done in this process? That is to control the exhaust emissions of construction machinery, and research and development and mass production of green, environmentally friendly new energy power products.

Bulldozer is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in the construction site of infrastructure construction, due to long-term high load operation combined with the impact of the bad working environment, a long time will be, bulldozer opportunity can not turn, turn difficult, cold car can turn hot car can not turn (transmission part of the oil temperature rise to the working temperature) fault phenomenon. So, what happened when the bulldozer couldn’t turn when it was working? The first is to analyze the cause of the failure and then make targeted troubleshooting.


1. The cause of the fault

At this time, the overflow valve at the inlet of the directional control valve assembly can be removed and checked. The reason is that the oil is too dirty, the impurities in the oil are worn or strained overflow spool and valve body surface, so that the spool is stuck in the position of opening and connecting the oil back, losing the adjustment of the oil pressure, so that the system pressure can not reach the standard value.

2. Troubleshooting and processing

Check the parts after the relief valve is disassembled. If the damage is not serious, fine emery cloth or sandpaper can be used to repair and grind the surface of the damaged parts. Replace parts if they are badly damaged. In the repair at the same time must replace the oil (or filter) and fine filter element and clean the coarse filter element.