At present, intelligent construction machinery is one of the main research directions of major manufacturers and research institutions. There are many technical obstacles in the research and development process, and there is a long way. According to bauma Munich, topics related to intelligent construction and connected data computing will be the focus of industry discussion in 2022.

In order to achieve partial automation in more complex construction machinery construction sites, it is essential that different brands of equipment can communicate data and information to each other. To this end, the German association of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and Germany are actively promote construction industry association, in order to make future construction site to more self-independence of digital, intelligent and way of operation and management, from the most basic equipment “starting/stopping” began, the running status of equipment and so on all need to implement standardization of data information. This cross-machine collaboration allows construction operations to multi-task in parallel and, ideally, cut construction time in half.


Crawler tractor is widely used in agriculture and the market demand is also great. Crawler tractor has the advantages of small pressure per unit area of soil and good adhesion to soil (not easy to slip), in the soil wet and soft zone has better performance, high traction efficiency. As agricultural machinery giant, the tracked tractors produced by YTO have been favored and concerned by market customers.

CG902 is independently developed by China YTO, and its core components such as transmission system, walking system, engine, frame and cab are independently processed and manufactured by YTO. The whole machine has good matching and superior comprehensive performance.

Supporting YD series turbocharged medium-cooling, high-pressure common rail engine, energy saving and environmental protection, more powerful power;

8+8 meshing gear shift gearbox, the number of gears, shuttle shift, reversing operation is convenient;

YTO-CG902 light track tractor

Planetary gear terminal transmission, compact structure, high strength; Wet multi-disc steering clutch, long service life;

Electric proportional hydraulic steering system, steering precision, steering wheel operation more comfortable;

Adopt full-frame welding frame, light weight, strong adaptability of paddy field operation; Middle frame.

The supporting wheel has uniform force and long service life.

Matching dry, double plate 12 “double acting clutch, smooth power transmission, large torque reserve; Rear, independent power output structure, easy to operate and use; There are 720/1000, 540/720r/min double speed for choice, with strong adaptability; The hydraulic lifting system has a one-way throttle valve to adjust the handwheel, the descent speed can be adjusted; Base equipped with two groups of hydraulic output, optional three groups, with strong adaptability, supporting Faster imported quick change joints, more reliable use.

Construction machinery is widely used in construction, water conservancy, electric power, roads, mines, ports and national defense and other engineering fields, a wide variety of, is an important lever to drive and economic development, improve infrastructure construction. China’s construction machinery industry, after 50 years of development, has become an important industry with considerable scale and vigorous development, which can produce 18 categories of products of more than 4,500 specifications and models, basically meeting the needs of the domestic market. Its development is also notable.

construction machinery
In recent decades, China’s construction machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in the transformation of development mode and economic structure adjustment, and its comprehensive strength has been rapidly enhanced, and its international competitiveness and industrial status have been greatly enhanced. The technical level and reliability of all kinds of products in China’s construction machinery industry have reached or even exceeded the international advanced level, and there are many famous Chinese brands in the field of construction machinery in the world. Nowadays, the construction machinery industry is moving towards a new direction of more green and environmental protection, to a higher level.
Today, as “carbon peak and carbon neutral” has been written into the government work report and the outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan, green and high-quality development has become the focus of attention from all sectors.

As a construction machinery industry, what can be done in this process? That is to control the exhaust emissions of construction machinery, and research and development and mass production of green, environmentally friendly new energy power products.

Bulldozer is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in the construction site of infrastructure construction, due to long-term high load operation combined with the impact of the bad working environment, a long time will be, bulldozer opportunity can not turn, turn difficult, cold car can turn hot car can not turn (transmission part of the oil temperature rise to the working temperature) fault phenomenon. So, what happened when the bulldozer couldn’t turn when it was working? The first is to analyze the cause of the failure and then make targeted troubleshooting.


1. The cause of the fault

At this time, the overflow valve at the inlet of the directional control valve assembly can be removed and checked. The reason is that the oil is too dirty, the impurities in the oil are worn or strained overflow spool and valve body surface, so that the spool is stuck in the position of opening and connecting the oil back, losing the adjustment of the oil pressure, so that the system pressure can not reach the standard value.

2. Troubleshooting and processing

Check the parts after the relief valve is disassembled. If the damage is not serious, fine emery cloth or sandpaper can be used to repair and grind the surface of the damaged parts. Replace parts if they are badly damaged. In the repair at the same time must replace the oil (or filter) and fine filter element and clean the coarse filter element.

Bulldozer as one of the representatives of China’s high-end manufacturing industry, ups and downs experienced nearly half a century of development, with the continuous improvement of construction mechanization requirements, bulldozer technology is constantly moving forward. Looking forward to the future, China’s bulldozer market will be more intelligent, environmental protection and technology.

1. Intelligent

Bulldozer future technology is the main development direction of intelligent, information technology, sensor technology, control technology and other high and new technology applied in bulldozers, operation, use, in order to realize the bulldozer performance improvement and improve, improve work efficiency, improve power performance, improve equipment stability, reduce driver fatigue, and even realize unmanned automatic, intelligent construction.


2. Environmental protection

Green design technology, green manufacturing technology and renewable technology will be the development trend of bulldozer and even the whole construction machinery industry in the future, which is inevitable with the economic development and environmental protection awareness. Whole life cycle of green environmental protection design is at the beginning of the product development design to manufacture, use, maintenance, recycling and reuse of the life, the safeguard function, reliability, on the basis of fully considering environmental properties, improve the utilization rate of resources, reduce pollution, the process of making product technical, environment and economy to achieve coordination.


3. Technology

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation marked by digitalization, networking and intelligence is gestation and rising, with intelligent manufacturing and intelligent products as the new mode of manufacturing. At present, wired and wireless remote control technology of construction machinery products, intelligent control panel, remote control, remote diagnosis, cluster scheduling management, automatic operation, intelligent construction and other technologies based on GPS positioning technology are gradually developed and promoted.

Although in recent years our country bulldozers industry achieved rapid development, but with the foreign advanced enterprise of technology, there is still a large gap in the future should intensify their efforts to research and development of advanced technology industry of our country the bulldozer heavily in improving the reliability of the products at the same time, to speed up the application of new technology, improve product technology content and the technical level; To meet the needs of different users; The development of multi-functional, multi-purpose products, to achieve a machine multi-purpose, high efficiency and energy saving, improve product competitiveness.

During routine work, the crawler bulldozer failed.For example, walking errant, not walking, fast block walking errant and other problems, among which walking errant is one of the common fault phenomena of crawler bulldozer, such faults are usually related to the walking motor, crawler and hydraulic pump and other components.

First, the caterpillar bulldozer running deviation fault

1. The bulldozer runs off track

2. The bulldozer quickly blocks the running deviation

Second, crawler bulldozer inspection sequence


1. Walking and running sideways

(1) Check the track, measure the tension of the left and right sides of the track the same, eliminate the track fault.

(2) When the crawler bulldozer is operated in a straight line, the result is also off-track, thus the fault of the main hydraulic pump can be eliminated.

(3) Forward and backward are running in the same direction, so the oil seal fault of the central rotary joint can be eliminated.

(4) Measure the pressure of the walking motor on both sides. The pressure on one side is 28Mpa, and the pressure on the other side is 34Mpa.

(5) The main safety valve is suspected to fail because of the different pressure of the two sides of the walking motor.After further inspection and analysis, it is found that the spring in the main safety valve absorbs the temperature of hydraulic oil in the operation process, which leads to the temperature rise and the elastic force decrease, resulting in the decrease of the original set pressure of the side walking motor, and finally leads to the deviation of the crawler bulldozer.After replacing the spring of the main safety valve to make the pressure of both sides of the walking motor equal, the equipment operation will return to normal.

2. Fast block walking deviation

Check the hydraulic main pump.

The fault of the main hydraulic pump can be ruled out because the working device of the crawler bulldozer (arm, bucket rod and bucket) and the rotary device are all working

When we repair the hydraulic cylinder of construction machinery, we can see the inner wall of the hydraulic cylinder, the piston or the piston rod surface has some honeycombed holes, which are caused by cavitation.The harm of hydraulic cylinder cavitation is quite large, it will lead to the black surface, and even the phenomenon of supporting ring and sealing ring burning, resulting in the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder.When cavitation and other types of corrosion work together, it will accelerate the corrosion speed of the main parts of the hydraulic cylinder several times or even dozens of times, so as to seriously affect the normal use of construction machinery.Therefore, it is very necessary to prevent the cavitation of hydraulic cylinder.

(1) strictly close the selection of hydraulic oil
(2) prevent the oil temperature from being too high and reduce the hydraulic impact
(3) keep the normal clearance of the joint surface of the hydraulic components
(4) pay attention to the exhaust during maintenance

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Modern robot

ROADER has a strategic cooperation
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