With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of technology, small tractors are gradually emerging in agriculture and are widely used. Choosing a suitable small tractor will lay the foundation for the smooth progress of agricultural production. So, what are the tractor models and how should we buy them?

Tractor model

There are three types of tractors: walking tractors, wheeled tractors and crawler tractors; according to power, they can be divided into large, medium and small tractors. Among them, the walking tractor is a small tractor with a power of 11kW (15 horsepower) or less. It is mainly suitable for farmland operations and short-distance transportation operations on small fields. It is more commonly used in southern rural areas.

Wheeled tractors are divided into belt drive and power output shaft drive. The belt drive is generally a small four-wheel tractor with a power of 8.8kW~14.7kW (12 horsepower to 20 horsepower); the power output shaft drive is large, Medium-sized tractors, the power is above 14.7kW (20 horsepower), with the demand of production, the power of tractors is getting bigger and bigger.

Wheeled tractors are mainly used for farmland operations or transportation operations in rural areas in northern my country. Among them, large wheeled tractors are suitable for use in large-area farmland production and can greatly improve production efficiency. Because crawler tractors can be equipped with bulldozers, they are generally used in farmland infrastructure and water conservancy projects. All agricultural tractors are powered by diesel engines.

How to choose a tractor


1. The choice of the form of the whole machine

Small tractors with belt drive are usually called small four-wheel tractors. In recent years, there are mainly two types of small four-wheel tractors on the market: 11.0kW (15 horsepower) and 13.2kW (18 horsepower). Small four-wheel tractors of 14.7kW (20 hp) and 8.8 kW (12 hp) are less on the market. There are two types of diesel engines installed on small four-wheel tractors, one is evaporative water-cooled diesel engines, and the other is circulating water-cooled diesel engines. Because these two types of diesel engines have different structures and parts cannot be interchanged, you should choose the diesel engine type commonly used in your area when buying a tractor. This is very important for future repairs and maintenance.

2. Choose famous brand products

As the brand-name products are recognized by the public in long-term use or approved by authoritative departments (such as products with the agricultural machinery promotion license of the Ministry of Agriculture), their product quality is reliable, the performance is advanced, the product coverage is large, and the after-sales service is good.

3. Check the appearance

(1) The paint of the shell should be bright and even, without peeling or falling off, and the hand feel smooth and flat.

(2) The surface of the casting should be smooth, without cracks and sand holes that can be seen by the naked eye, the appearance of the sheet metal should be smooth, and the surface of the electroplated part should be bright and free of rust.

(3) The surface of the tire should be smooth, with regular patterns and no blisters or cracks.

4. Check whether the safety protection devices and safety warning signs are complete

(1) Check the starting shaft end of the engine, the end of the shaft head cannot protrude from the surface of the engine box body. To prevent danger when people approach when the engine is running.

(2) The pulley and belt must have a protective cover. To prevent danger when people approach when the engine is running.

(3) There should be a protective cover on the exhaust pipe. To prevent the operator from being burned when accidentally touched.

(4) The steps and pedals on the car should have anti-skid nets and raised edges or ribs. In order to prevent the driver from slipping when getting on and off the car, causing fall injuries.

(5) The shaft head of the power output shaft must have a guard. To prevent danger when people approach when the engine is running.

(6) On the operating device whose operating direction is not obvious, there should be signs indicating the direction. To prevent misoperation.


5. Check the control mechanism

(1) The throttle and lever are connected reliably, and there is no sticking when trying to step on.

(2) Push and pull the main and auxiliary gear levers (shift levers) according to the operating regulations to confirm their reliability.

(3) When the front wheel of the steering wheel is stationary, its free turning angle should not be too large, but less than 30 degrees.

6. Test run

(1) Check the engine oil height, add diesel oil and cooling water.

(2) When the ambient temperature is higher than 5℃, start three times in a row, and two of them should start smoothly within 30 seconds.

(3) Run for 10 minutes at medium throttle and observe the exhaust smoke and engine sound to be continuous and stable.

(4) After 10 minutes, reduce the throttle as much as possible and run at low speed (idle speed), and the engine sound should be steady.

(5) Increase the throttle gradually, and the engine sound should be stable. When the throttle is at the maximum, the exhaust pipe does not emit black smoke.

7. Stop for water and oil leakage inspection

Observe that there should be no drips and flow marks on the joint surface of each rotating part. There should be no wetness on the joint surface.

Precautions for buying a tractor


1. Check and verify random attachments, certificates and documents

Product qualification certificate, agricultural machinery promotion license stamp, “three guarantees” certificate (service card), instruction manual, maintenance manual and accessories.

2. Ask for an invoice

After purchasing the goods, take the initiative to ask the seller for the invoice formally printed by the finance and taxation department.

In summary, it is about all the relevant content about tractor purchase. I hope it will be helpful to everyone when buying tractors. In fact, only in accordance with the corresponding purchase standards, we can definitely purchase our favorite tractors.