Driving road rollers are common road construction equipment in life. In order to ensure the normal operation of the rollers when in use, we need to check and prepare before the machine starts. What is the specific process? We will learn more in the next article.

Inspection and preparation work of driving road roller before starting

2Y6X8B static road roller

1. When the new machine is started, carefully check the tightness of the fastening and connection of each part, whether the accessories are complete, and whether the operating mechanism is flexible.

2. Check the oil level of the oil pan and fuel injection pump. It should be between the upper limit mark and the lower limit mark of the oil gauge.

3. Check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. Turn on the fuel tank switch to allow the diesel to flow to the fuel injection pump and remove air from the fuel system.

4. Check the battery and connection. Check the electrolyte level in the battery.

5. Check the cooling system and add enough water.

6. In cold and freezing weather, the diesel engine should be placed in a frost-proof and cold-proof place. When working in the field, the oil pan should be heated before starting, and hot water should be added two or three times to warm the diesel engine.

7. The clutch should be in a disconnected state when the diesel engine is started.

The work of the driving roller when starting

LTD210H road roller

After the preparation work before starting is completed and the requirements are confirmed, it can be started. The clutch should be disengaged during starting. The starting steps are as follows:

1. Toggle the lock switch to start the diesel engine. Each start time should not exceed 5 seconds to protect the starter and battery. After each start failure, stop for 1-2 minutes before starting. If the start fails three times in a row, the cause should be found out and the fault removed before starting again. After the diesel engine is started, immediately release the start switch key and turn the lock switch back to the original position.

2. Check the oil pressure immediately after starting. When the diesel engine is running at idle speed, the oil pressure cannot be lower than 0.05MPa. 5 minutes after the newly assembled diesel engine starts, stop and check the oil level of the oil pan, add oil if necessary, so that the oil level is between the upper and lower marks on the oil gauge.

3. Within minutes after the diesel engine starts, check the water temperature gauge immediately to confirm that the cooling system is working normally.

Only in daily use pay more attention to the inspection of the driving roller, so as to avoid its failure to a certain extent. In addition, the road roller also needs cleaning and maintenance work after it is used. I hope everyone can do a good job in protecting the road roller.