During routine work, the crawler bulldozer failed.For example, walking errant, not walking, fast block walking errant and other problems, among which walking errant is one of the common fault phenomena of crawler bulldozer, such faults are usually related to the walking motor, crawler and hydraulic pump and other components.

First, the caterpillar bulldozer running deviation fault

1. The bulldozer runs off track

2. The bulldozer quickly blocks the running deviation

Second, crawler bulldozer inspection sequence


1. Walking and running sideways

(1) Check the track, measure the tension of the left and right sides of the track the same, eliminate the track fault.

(2) When the crawler bulldozer is operated in a straight line, the result is also off-track, thus the fault of the main hydraulic pump can be eliminated.

(3) Forward and backward are running in the same direction, so the oil seal fault of the central rotary joint can be eliminated.

(4) Measure the pressure of the walking motor on both sides. The pressure on one side is 28Mpa, and the pressure on the other side is 34Mpa.

(5) The main safety valve is suspected to fail because of the different pressure of the two sides of the walking motor.After further inspection and analysis, it is found that the spring in the main safety valve absorbs the temperature of hydraulic oil in the operation process, which leads to the temperature rise and the elastic force decrease, resulting in the decrease of the original set pressure of the side walking motor, and finally leads to the deviation of the crawler bulldozer.After replacing the spring of the main safety valve to make the pressure of both sides of the walking motor equal, the equipment operation will return to normal.

2. Fast block walking deviation

Check the hydraulic main pump.

The fault of the main hydraulic pump can be ruled out because the working device of the crawler bulldozer (arm, bucket rod and bucket) and the rotary device are all working