Bulldozer as one of the representatives of China’s high-end manufacturing industry, ups and downs experienced nearly half a century of development, with the continuous improvement of construction mechanization requirements, bulldozer technology is constantly moving forward. Looking forward to the future, China’s bulldozer market will be more intelligent, environmental protection and technology.

1. Intelligent

Bulldozer future technology is the main development direction of intelligent, information technology, sensor technology, control technology and other high and new technology applied in bulldozers, operation, use, in order to realize the bulldozer performance improvement and improve, improve work efficiency, improve power performance, improve equipment stability, reduce driver fatigue, and even realize unmanned automatic, intelligent construction.


2. Environmental protection

Green design technology, green manufacturing technology and renewable technology will be the development trend of bulldozer and even the whole construction machinery industry in the future, which is inevitable with the economic development and environmental protection awareness. Whole life cycle of green environmental protection design is at the beginning of the product development design to manufacture, use, maintenance, recycling and reuse of the life, the safeguard function, reliability, on the basis of fully considering environmental properties, improve the utilization rate of resources, reduce pollution, the process of making product technical, environment and economy to achieve coordination.


3. Technology

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation marked by digitalization, networking and intelligence is gestation and rising, with intelligent manufacturing and intelligent products as the new mode of manufacturing. At present, wired and wireless remote control technology of construction machinery products, intelligent control panel, remote control, remote diagnosis, cluster scheduling management, automatic operation, intelligent construction and other technologies based on GPS positioning technology are gradually developed and promoted.

Although in recent years our country bulldozers industry achieved rapid development, but with the foreign advanced enterprise of technology, there is still a large gap in the future should intensify their efforts to research and development of advanced technology industry of our country the bulldozer heavily in improving the reliability of the products at the same time, to speed up the application of new technology, improve product technology content and the technical level; To meet the needs of different users; The development of multi-functional, multi-purpose products, to achieve a machine multi-purpose, high efficiency and energy saving, improve product competitiveness.