When we repair the hydraulic cylinder of construction machinery, we can see the inner wall of the hydraulic cylinder, the piston or the piston rod surface has some honeycombed holes, which are caused by cavitation.The harm of hydraulic cylinder cavitation is quite large, it will lead to the black surface, and even the phenomenon of supporting ring and sealing ring burning, resulting in the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder.When cavitation and other types of corrosion work together, it will accelerate the corrosion speed of the main parts of the hydraulic cylinder several times or even dozens of times, so as to seriously affect the normal use of construction machinery.Therefore, it is very necessary to prevent the cavitation of hydraulic cylinder.

(1) strictly close the selection of hydraulic oil
(2) prevent the oil temperature from being too high and reduce the hydraulic impact
(3) keep the normal clearance of the joint surface of the hydraulic components
(4) pay attention to the exhaust during maintenance