Bulldozer is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in the construction site of infrastructure construction, due to long-term high load operation combined with the impact of the bad working environment, a long time will be, bulldozer opportunity can not turn, turn difficult, cold car can turn hot car can not turn (transmission part of the oil temperature rise to the working temperature) fault phenomenon. So, what happened when the bulldozer couldn’t turn when it was working? The first is to analyze the cause of the failure and then make targeted troubleshooting.


1. The cause of the fault

At this time, the overflow valve at the inlet of the directional control valve assembly can be removed and checked. The reason is that the oil is too dirty, the impurities in the oil are worn or strained overflow spool and valve body surface, so that the spool is stuck in the position of opening and connecting the oil back, losing the adjustment of the oil pressure, so that the system pressure can not reach the standard value.

2. Troubleshooting and processing

Check the parts after the relief valve is disassembled. If the damage is not serious, fine emery cloth or sandpaper can be used to repair and grind the surface of the damaged parts. Replace parts if they are badly damaged. In the repair at the same time must replace the oil (or filter) and fine filter element and clean the coarse filter element.