Road rollers are a relatively common type of road construction machinery. Any mechanical equipment has their service life. In order to increase the working rate of the road roller, individuals or units should maintain the road roller after purchasing the road roller. Specific maintenance skills can refer to the following methods:

Maintenance during the running-in period of the roller

1. Careful work load during the running-in period. Normally, the work load during the running-in period should not exceed 80% of the rated work load. Appropriate workload should be deployed to prevent the overheating symptoms caused by the continuous operation of the machine for a long time.

2. Careful and frequent inspections of the small-sized roller’s instruments are instigated, and the appearance is abnormal. Stop the machine and eliminate it in time. If the cause is not found, the operation should be terminated before the failure is eliminated.

3. Frequently review the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) level and character, and carefully review the airtightness of the whole machine. During the inspection, it was found that there was too much oil and water, and the reason should be analyzed. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubrication point should be strengthened. It is recommended that grease be added to the lubrication point in each shift during the running-in period (except for special requests).

4. Adhere to the cleanliness of the small roller machine, adjust and tighten loose parts in time to prevent the loose parts from aggravating the wear of the parts or causing the loss of the parts.

5. To stop the running-in period, carry out compulsory maintenance of small roller machines, review and adjust work, and carefully replace the oil.

2Y6X8B static road roller

Maintenance of roller parts

1. Maintenance of roller chain

a. The big gear ring and the driving wheel are fixed by bolts, and need to be inspected and tightened weekly. The drive chain is also used as the final drive part of a small roller. Its transmission load is very heavy and it is subject to the impact of driving and braking, and requires careful maintenance.

b. The sleeve roller chain will stretch when it is working. This is caused by the gap between the sleeve and the roller. Therefore, use a thinner lubricant to fill the gap between the chain plates. On the slack side of the chain, so that the oil can enter the gap between the chain plates, then use cotton yarn to wipe off the excess oil. Do not use butter or high-viscosity oil to lubricate the chain. This will damage the chain and the chain due to adhesion of sand and dust. Sprocket.

c. If the chain is heavily contaminated, it should be disassembled and cleaned with gasoline, soaked in lubricating oil for half an hour, and then taken out to wipe off the excess oil, and continue to be used in the car. In general, it is normal for the chain to extend 1/50 during work. Excessive extension will reduce the number of meshing teeth of the sprocket, causing noise and damaging the chain. The sag value L of the loose edge can be used to reflect the elongation of the chain. The L value is generally set at 2~4% of the center distance between the two sprockets. When the sag is excessive, the sprocket cover should be removed and the tension device should be used to adjust the open side drive gear and chain of the small roller. No. 3 open gear oil can be used lubricating.

2. Maintenance of roller gearbox

a. When cleaning, first unscrew the oil drain plug behind the gearbox, release the lubricating oil in the box, then screw on the oil plug, pour kerosene into the box, start the diesel engine, and let the gearbox run at low speed for 2-3 minutes. Stop and drain the kerosene, clean the oil plug and screw it to the gearbox, and then add new lubricating oil to the mark line of the oil level to the dipstick.

b. No. 20 gear oil for roller gearbox.

c. It is necessary to check and adjust the positioning device of the speed change control mechanism and the reversing mechanism frequently to keep the gears in the proper position to avoid accidents of out of gear.

d. Always pay attention to check the leakage of each seal of the gearbox of the roller. If the seal is damaged, replace it in time. Always check the connecting bolts between the roller gearbox and the frame to avoid loosening and falling off.

LTD212H road roller

Main clutch maintenance

a. In addition to adjusting the operating mechanism of the main clutch at any time, attention should be paid to checking and adjusting the ends of the three release rods in the same plane, and keep a certain gap (0.4 ~ 0.7 mm) between the release bearing and the release bearing.

b. When the main clutch is engaged and disengaged, it should be smooth and gentle. Do not use excessive force. When the clutch is engaged, the clutch pedal must be returned to the original position to make the clutch completely engaged. When the clutch is disengaged, the pedal must be depressed to make the clutch After the disengagement, during manipulation, the clutch must be prevented from being in a half-clutch and half-engaged state, so as not to burn the clutch.

Maintenance of vibrating wheel

The vibrating wheel changes lubricating oil every 1000 hours. Check the lubricating oil of the vibrating wheel at any time for leakage; when checking the oil level, turn the oil filling port to the top and open the oil drain port to make the oil leak until there is no leakage or less leakage.

Side drive maintenance

Due to the low speed, heavy load, and easy to be contaminated by dust, mud and sand, the side drive should always pay attention to check its lubrication. Regularly remove the mud, sand and fine stone dust on the gear and apply a new layer of calcium-based grease. In order to avoid damage accidents.

Battery maintenance

The battery has been used for a long time. For example, due to improper use and improper maintenance, the common electro-hydraulic specific gravity is low, the voltage is high when charging, and the voltage is low when discharging, and white crystalline particles are found on the outside of the board to form the “acid salt” of the battery. As a result, it cannot be used. The acidified battery can be restored to normal after 1-2 times of charging with a smaller current.

Hydraulic system maintenance

Check whether the installation bolts of filters, valves, motors, oil pumps, cylinders, etc. are loose, and whether there is oil leakage at each joint. The hydraulic oil tank is cleaned every six months and the oil is changed. When adding or changing oil, be careful not to mix impurities and dirt into the oil tank. The new oil added or changed must be filtered beforehand.

Maintenance of road roller paint

a. Rust often appears on the surface of the roller. You may say that this is the result of scratching the surface paint. In fact, in addition to common collisions and scratches, the small boulders bounced from the tires on the paint surface while driving will also cause small peeling spots on the paint surface, which will cause small rust spots over time. These small scars are easily overlooked because they are mostly inconspicuous.

b. During the driving of the roller, it is inevitable to encounter rain and snow or pass the muddy water pavement. Some vacancies such as the bottom of the car body and the floor inside the car are easy to accumulate sludge. If not cleaned in time, it will make it wet. Qi can be hidden. Frequent inspections should be carried out. At the same time, the drainage holes of the doors and body parts should be kept unblocked, and the humidity of the covering in the car should be checked to prevent rusting of the floor components.

3. Maintenance skills when the roller is not in use for a long time

1. Perform long-term parking technical maintenance and anti-rust treatment according to the engine operating instructions.

2. Clean the inner and outer surfaces of the roller, and park it in the warehouse when possible. The open-air parking should be in a ventilated place and covered with canvas.

3. Cushion the front frame in parallel and adjust the thickness of the cushion block until the damping block does not cut or deform.

4. Use the central hinged frame device to fix the front and rear frames.

5. Add new oil or grease to each lubrication point of the roller.

With such maintenance, not only will it not be uncomfortable when used again, but it will be easier to use and newer the more you put it.


The misunderstanding of road roller maintenance

It is very important for the maintenance of road rollers. However, due to the misunderstanding of maintenance work by technical maintenance personnel, the performance of the road roller is even worse. The following misunderstandings should be avoided.

1. The lubricating oil is changed regularly but not in time

For heavy machinery such as road rollers, due to long-term work under heavy load conditions, the wear of mechanical parts is relatively serious, and lubricating oil is an important factor to ensure that the mechanical wear is reduced to a normal state, and it is also important to ensure the normal operation of the road roller. Factors, the long-term use of the roller will cause a large amount of mechanical wear and tear impurities in the inside of the machine body and the oil pan. In addition, the long-term use of lubricating oil will also contain a lot of impurities if it is not replaced in time. This situation exists. It may cause more serious mechanical wear. Therefore, the damage to the machinery is very serious if the lubricant is not replaced in time.

2. Abnormal operation of bolts and inadequate control of tire pressure during maintenance

Maintenance personnel play a direct role in the maintenance work of the roller. However, in the maintenance process, in order to ensure the stability of the connection between the mechanical components, some maintenance technicians often overtighten the screws or tighten the screws. The tire pressure is overcharged. This starting mentality is also for stability, but the negative impact is more obvious. The mechanical connection is too tight, which will cause the bolts to break and slip. Excessive air pressure will cause excessive tire tension, which is very If it is not conducive to the normal use of the roller, there is a potential safety hazard.

3. Improper temperature control of the water tank of the roller

The temperature control of the water tank of the roller directly affects the performance and durability of the water tank equipment-the cylinder block. However, in the process of project operation, the long-term operation of the machine will inevitably consume a lot of water. Often when adding water to the water tank, the water temperature in the water tank is very high, usually in a boiling state. At this time, due to technology The personnel neglected the water temperature drop, and the sudden addition of cold water caused a sharp drop in the temperature of the water tank, and the sharp change in cold and heat was very unfavorable to the tank and cylinder, greatly reducing its durability.

4. Incorrect use of lubricating grease

Each of the roller equipment has its own special requirements. Among them, the cylinder gasket has high requirements for sealing. But when installing the cylinder head gasket, there are high requirements. When installing, some technicians often apply lubricating grease in order to ensure the smooth installation. When the cylinder head bolts are tightened, due to the extrusion between the objects, part of the lubricating grease will enter the cylinder water channel. The temperature in the cylinder is If it is high, the grease is easy to be carbonized under high temperature for a long time. The carbonization will damage the cylinder head gasket, and then it will cause the cylinder to leak. The consequences are disastrous.

5. The operation of the hydraulic system and the improper selection of oil products

The choice of fuel directly determines the working performance and rate of the engine. The rollers often choose light diesel, and there are also different models of light diesel. The performance of different models varies greatly, but some technicians often fail to consider when choosing. As a result, unsuitable oil was selected, which brought a lot of difficulties to the later maintenance. The hydraulic system is the core system in its work. Here, the control of the system frequency and the control of the mechanical horsepower is the key to the durability of the machine. Improper operation is very detrimental to the long-term operation of the machine.