CG902 is independently developed by China YTO, and its core components such as transmission system, walking system, engine, frame and cab are independently processed and manufactured by YTO. The whole machine has good matching and superior comprehensive performance.

Supporting YD series turbocharged medium-cooling, high-pressure common rail engine, energy saving and environmental protection, more powerful power;

8+8 meshing gear shift gearbox, the number of gears, shuttle shift, reversing operation is convenient;

YTO-CG902 light track tractor

Planetary gear terminal transmission, compact structure, high strength; Wet multi-disc steering clutch, long service life;

Electric proportional hydraulic steering system, steering precision, steering wheel operation more comfortable;

Adopt full-frame welding frame, light weight, strong adaptability of paddy field operation; Middle frame.

The supporting wheel has uniform force and long service life.

Matching dry, double plate 12 “double acting clutch, smooth power transmission, large torque reserve; Rear, independent power output structure, easy to operate and use; There are 720/1000, 540/720r/min double speed for choice, with strong adaptability; The hydraulic lifting system has a one-way throttle valve to adjust the handwheel, the descent speed can be adjusted; Base equipped with two groups of hydraulic output, optional three groups, with strong adaptability, supporting Faster imported quick change joints, more reliable use.