YTO-MG604 tractor


YTO-MG604 tractor features

The product shown in the pictures is our 60-70HP wheeled tractor, which has the following features:

1).Our wheeled tractor has multiple gears and a wide speed range;

2).Hydraulic steering, small turning radius, good maneuverability;

3).The wet disc brake is equipped for reliable braking performance;

4).External double acting cylinder helps achieve large lifting force;

5).Double action clutch can manipulate the power output without shutdown;

6).Adjustable ground clearance makes our wheeled tractor suitable for operations in paddy fields;

7).Streamlined enclosed cab is optional.

YTO-MG604 tractor parameters

Model YTO-MG604
Type 4×4
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 3997 X1784 X 1727
Wheelbase(mm) 2155.6
Min. ground clearance(mm) 420
Min. operating mass(with safety stand)(Kg) 2800
Tyre spec., front /rear 8.3-24/14.9-28
Wheel tread, front/rear 1274-1770/1310-1806
Steering Full hydraulic
Brake Oil immersed, disk type, mechanically actuated
Diesel engine
Model YT4A2-22
Type Four cylinder, vertical, water cooled, four stroke, direct injection combustion
Displacement (L) 4.16
Rated power/speed(Kw)/(r/min) 45/2200
Max. torque (N.m)/speed (r/min) 234/1600-1800
Bore x stroke (mm) 105X120/105X125
Gear shift, forward/backward 10/2
Speed range (Km/h), forward/backward 2.29~30.98/3.05~12.20
PTO power (Kw) 40.5
PTO rotation speed (r/min) 540/720/1000 optional
Clutch 11-inch, dry, double action
Three-point linkage category Three-point linkage category Ⅱ
Tilling depth control mode Height floating control
Lifting force(KN) 15
OECD anti-turnover bar Optional
Cab Optional
Paddy field tire Optional

Since our very beginning, we at YTO have been committed to providing customers with superior wheeled tractors. Thanks to our continued efforts over the past decades, now we are able to satisfy our customers by offering them high quality and economically priced tractors.