YTO-MG650 tractor


YTO-MG650 tractor features

The product shown in the pictures is our 60-70HP wheeled tractor, which has the following features:

1).Our wheeled tractor has multiple gears and a wide speed range;

2).Hydraulic steering, small turning radius, good maneuverability;

3).The wet disc brake is equipped for reliable braking performance;

4).External double acting cylinder helps achieve large lifting force;

5).Double action clutch can manipulate the power output without shutdown;

6).Adjustable ground clearance makes our wheeled tractor suitable for operations in paddy fields;

7).Streamlined enclosed cab is optional.

YTO-MG650 tractor parameters

Model YTO-MG650
Type 4×2
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 3997 X1784 X 1752
Wheelbase(mm) 2155.6
Min. ground clearance(mm) 455
Min. operating mass(with safety stand)(Kg) 2500
Tyre spec., front /rear 7.50-16/14.9-30
Wheel tread, front/rear 1400-1700/1310-1806
Steering Full hydraulic
Brake Oil immersed, disk type, mechanically actuated
Diesel engine
Model YT4B2-22
Type Four cylinder, vertical, water cooled, four stroke, direct injection combustion
Displacement (L) 4.4
Rated power/speed(Kw)/(r/min) 48/2200
Max. torque (N.m)/speed (r/min) 250/1600-1800
Bore x stroke (mm) 108X120//105X125
Gear shift, forward/backward 10/2
Speed range (Km/h), forward/backward 2.37~32.12/3.16~12.65
PTO power (Kw) 43
PTO rotation speed (r/min) 540/720/1000 optional
Clutch 11-inch, dry, double action
Three-point linkage category Three-point linkage category Ⅱ
Tilling depth control mode Height floating control
Lifting force(KN) 15
OECD anti-turnover bar Optional
Cab Optional
Paddy field tire Optional