YTO-C1302 crawler tractor


YTO-C1302 crawler tractor feature

1. Tractor with optimized design and new appearance,which is mainly used for plowing and harrowing operations and is also suitable for earth-bulldozing operation.

2. Dry-type double-disc disc-spring-compressed,14inch main clutch,which is equipped with damping spring and has long service life.

3. 6+2 transmission equipped with engagement sleeve for shifting operation,which has reliable performance and reduces the force required to operate it.

4. Multiple-disc dry-type steering clutch of which the friction discs are made of new material and have long service life,and floating-type belt brake which enables reliable braking operation.

5. Optimally-arranged control mechanism,power-assisted hydraulic steering system,and self-lubricating shaft sleeve,which can reduce the operating force and maintenance points.

6. With digital dashboard,fully-enclosed cab,which can be equipped with air conditioner at the request of customer.

7. Rubber crawler available as an option for increasing the trafficability.

YTO-C1302 crawler tractor parameters

Engin model LR4105ZT14 diesel engine
Rated power/Rated rotation speed 95.6/2200 kw/r/min
Overrall dimention (L×W×H)(without bulldozing blade) 5344X1835X2786 mm
Overrall dimention (L×W×H)(with bulldozing blade) 5367X2462X2786 mm
Operating weight (without bulldozing blade) 7300 kg
Operating weight (with bulldozing blade) 7550 kg
Track width 1435 mm
Wheel base 2774 mm
Track width 390 mm
Specific ground contact pressure (w/o push scraper) 46.75 kpa
Specific ground contact pressure (w push scraper) 48.35 kpa
Speed & traction force
Forward gears 6F+2R engegement sleeve T/M
Traction force, gear 1 3.71/52.9 km/h/kn
Traction force, gear 2 6.859/37.5 km/h/kn
Traction force, gear 3 7.798/32.2 km/h/kn
Traction force, gear 4 8.996/27 km/h/kn
Traction force, gear 5 10.591/22 km/h/kn
Traction force, gear 6 13.91/14.3 km/h/kn
Reverse speed gear 1 3.314 km/h
Reverse speed gear 2 6.289 km/h
Bulldozing blade
Type Fixed straight scraper
H × W 850X2462 mm
Depth into soil 290 mm
Max. lifting height 625 mm