YTO-1804 tractor


YTO-1804 tractor features

The 1804 is developed on the basis of the Italian wheeled tractor chassis technology, adopting the British technology-based 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is featured with specific low fuel consumption and better power economic efficiency. The tractor has multiple gears, a wide speed scope, and a large capacity of fuel tank, ensuring long-time operations with a single fueling. Besides, it is flexible in steering and easy to operate.

YTO-1804 tractor parameters

Model LR6105ZWT13
Type Vertical, inter-cooled, turbo-charged, direct injection diesel engine
Rated power 132.3kw
Rated rotation speed 2200r/min
Transmission system
Gears forward/Gears reverse 12/4
Speed range, forward 2.4-30.69km/h
Speed range, reverse 4.48-12.11km/h
Machine body
Wheel base 2848mm
Front wheel tread 1704-2200mm
Rear wheel tread 1620-2200mm
Min. ground clearance 495mm
Min. turning radius 5.4-6.2mm
Min. operating weight 6500kg
Specific fuel consumption under rated conditions ≤235g/kW.h
Tyres (front/rear) 16.9-28/20.8-38
Min. lifting capacity (at a place of 610mm behind the suspension point) ≥35kN
PTO shaft rotation speed 540/1000r/min
Depth control manner Position control, floating control, draft control, and draft-position control
Rated tractive force 39 kN
Overall dimensions
L×W×H 5200×2696×2970mm