YTO LR6105ZWC diesel engine


YTO LR6105ZWC diesel engine features

It is a masterpiece elaborately designed by the British Ricardo Consulting Engineer, a professional internal combustion engine designing institute with international renown. It adopts the 3-D finite element analysis technology to optimally design its main parts and components in an all-round way. It can adopt the ordinary cylinder block or the strengthened dry-type cylinder block, providing a broader choice range from the ordinary configuration to the advanced configuration.

This model series can be ordinary turbocharged or advanced turbocharged inter-cooled, featuring with excellent constant rotational speed constant power PTO capacity, providing a broader power coverage, ranging from 50 kW to 100 kW.

The updated design air intake system and the fuel injection system, the high efficiency separate inter-cooled water circulation system, and the several preset external PTO ports provide various kinds of ships with a highly integrated power platform.

They are suitable to be used as the main engines of cargo ships, fishing vessels, yachts and speed boats and as the various auxiliary marine engines.

YTO LR6105ZWC diesel engine parameters

Model LR6105ZWC
Type In-line, water-cooled, four-stroke, direct injection combustion chamber
Air intake mode Turbocharged inter-cooled
Cylinder quantity×bore×stroke 6×105×125 mm
Displacement 6.49 L
Compression ratio 16.2 : 1
Rated power 100 kW
Rated rotational speed 1500 r/min