YTO LR4105ZLQA diesel engine

YTO LR4105ZLQA diesel engine

YTO LR4105ZLQA diesel engine features

It adopts the diesel engine series whose design has been improved on the basis of the British Ricardo Consulting Engineer. It adopts the 3-D finite element analysis technology to optimally design the main parts and components in an all-round way. It may adopt the ordinary cylinder block or the strengthened dry-type cylinder block, providing a broader choice range from the ordinary configuration to the advanced configuration.

It adopts the all-round updated engine model series ranging from the ordinary turbocharged to the turbocharged inter-cooled (water/air, air/air), with the power coverage ranging from 105kW to 165kW and the peak torque output reaching N∙m.

The oil supplying system may optionally select the P7100 fuel pump or the Bosch VE rotor pump and the P series of oil injectors. The turbocharger is the product whose brand is internationally renowned. Therefore, it is a amalgamation of science and technology which in turn pushes its progress.
It is suitable for the 5-12t cargo trucks, the 7-11m passenger vehicles and municipal public traffic vehicles.

YTO LR4105ZLQA diesel engine parameters

Model LR4105ZLQA
Type In-line, water-cooled, four-stroke, direct injection combustion chamber
Air intake mode Turbocharged inter-cooled
Cylinder quantity×bore×stroke 4×105×120 mm
Displacement 4.16 L
Compression ratio 17:1
Rated power 104 KW
Rated rotational speed 2800 r/min