YTO 2T LPG Powered forklift CPYD20

YTO 2T LPG Powered forklift CPYD20

YTO 2T LPG Powered forklift CPYD20 Main Features

1.Use gasoline or liquefied gas as the fuel,two types of fuel conversion is easy and reliable and comfortable operation.

2.Big capacity air storage tank,fit for 24hr/7day(all-day all week system)operation.

3.The gantry rail section design will be optimised,the interior width is enlarged so that the driver can enjoy a wide scope of eyesight.

4.The liquefied gas fuel has achieved low carbon emission,which plays an active part in enviromental protection.

5.The engine has good performence;it has virtues in operation in stability,low noise,low vibration and low fuel consumption.

6.The engine hood can open by 90°,and can be effectively supported with air spring so as to facilitate the inspection and maintenance.

7.The revolutionized flexible power steering structure.The front and rear connection axle is oval-shape design,the connection with the front frame is fixed by vibration shock absorber,and the connection is changed from rigid to flexible so as to reduce the vibration of forklift.

8.Full hydraulic steering system,can greatly reduce the fatigue of operator,uses crank sliding piece steering system,guarantees reliable steering and compact structure.

9.All parts for the “fuel element” are made by OEM of IMPCO, USA, the performance is guaranteed by accurate design and stringent test.Meanwhile,since the ignition point for liquefied gas is higher than gasoline,it has big potential vaporized heat value as well as self-cooling function,and therefore the safety is greatly reinforced.

YTO 2T LPG Powered forklift CPYD20 parameters

Speciality Parameter
 Model  CPYD20
 Power type  LPG
 Rated capacity  kg  2000
 Load center  mm  500
 Lift height  mm  3000
 Mast tilt angle(forward/backward)  Deg.  6/12
 Front overhang  mm  465
 Wheel base  mm  1600
 Tread(front/rear)  mm  960/970
 Performance parameter
 Travel brake  Hydraulic-Foot pedal
 Parking brake  Mechanical-Hand level
 Lift speed(with/without load)  mm/s  440/500
 Lower speed(with/without load)  mm/s  with load<600,without load≥300
 Travel speed(with/without load)  km/h  18/19
 Max. gradeability(with load)  %  20
 Max. Towing(with/without load)  kN  15/12
 Weight distribution with load(front/rear)  kg  4700/650
 Weight distribution without load(front/rear)  kg  1270/2080
 Power,transmission and others
 Engine  Model  K21
 Manufacturer  Nissan
 Rated power  kw  31.2/2250
 Rated torque N.m/r/min  143.7/1600
 Displacement  L  2.065
 Battery  Voltage  V  12
 Capacity  Ah  100
 Gearbox  Transmission type  Hydraulic
 Transmission number of speed(front/rear)  Ⅰ/Ⅰ
 Tire  Type  Spare tyres
 Model  Front  7.00-12-12PR
 Rear  6.00-9-10PR
 Self weight  kg  3350
 Free lift height  mm  160
 Fork  Thickness×Width×Length  mm  40×125×1070
 Overall dimensions  Overall length(without forks)  mm  2480
 Overall width  mm  1150
 Overall height  Extended height(mast)  mm  4030
 Lowered height(mast)  mm  2000
 Overhead guard  mm  2120
 Min.turning radius  mm  2170
 Min.ground clearance  Under mast  mm  105
 Center of wheel-base  mm  150