YTO 1.5ton battery forklift CPD15

YTO 1.5ton battery forklift CPD15

YTO 1.5ton battery forklift CPD15 Main features

1.The gantry rail section design will be optimised,the interior width is enlarged so that the driver can enjoy a wide scope of eyesight.

2.The separately excited direct current can achieve the anti-slip fuction in a alope which the conventional excited motorized control cannot achieve,the fluctuation of battery and motor working current are greatly reduced,and the formal speed does not change a lot due to change of load.

3.The advanced HDLT technology is employed,new type of integrated,load sensoring steering gear,achieve single pump diverting,and enable the forklift hydraulic system with more efficiency and more energy conversation.

4.Electric control intelligent protection system, in wrong order of operation;seat power-failure protection,service brake steering protection,emergency braking in special circumstances.

5.Dual motor,dual controller system,dual motors,dual controllers,separately controlled and operated,high reliability and easy to repair.

6.Conform to CE safety homologation approval of European Union.

7.Ultra-capacity battery arrays,longer time to use and better durability.

8.Big arch design on the top of the ballast can improve the visibility of rear view,can guarantee the optimum visibility when drive reverse within fixed distance.

9.The seat can be adjusted back and forth within wide range in 8 positions,the front-rear sliding adjustment can be up to 150mm,the tilting angle of the steering wheel can be adjusted,so as to fit the operator for sheer driving pleasure.

10.The classical ASF YTO space frame structure,applies ergonomic and aesthetic design,elegant outlook,compact structure,easy comfortability in operation.

YTO 2T LPG Powered forklift CPQD20 parameters

Speciality Parameter
 Model  CPD15
 Power type  Battery
 Rated capacity  kg  1500
 Load center  mm  500
 Lift height  mm  3000
 Mast tilt angle(forward/backward)  Deg.  6/12
 Front overhang  mm  425
 Wheel base  mm  1370
 Tread(front/rear)  mm  890/920
 Performance parameter
 Travel brake  Hydraulic-Foot pedal
 Parking brake  Mechanical-Hand level
 Lift speed(with/without load)  mm/s  260/400
 Lower speed(with/without load)  mm/s  with load<600,without load≥300
 Travel speed(with/without load)  km/h  11/12
 Max. gradeability(with load)  %  10
 Max. Towing(with/without load)  kN  6.5/5.5
 Weight distribution with load(front/rear)  kg  3900/600
 Weight distribution without load(front/rear)  kg  1300/1700
 Power,transmission and others
 Motor  Driving motor Model XQ-5-T
Rated power kw  5
Rated rotation  r/min  1480
 Working motor Model  XQD-7.5-C
Rated power kw  7.5
Rated rotation  r/min  1550
 Controller  Manufacturer GE
 Battery  Voltage  V  48
 Capacity  Ah  550
 Size(L×W×H) mm 725×982×500
 Gearbox  Transmission type  Mechanical
 Tire  Type  Spare tyres
 Model  Front  6.50-10-10PR
 Rear 16×6-8-10PR
 Self weight  kg 3000
 Free lift height  mm  135
 Fork  Thickness×Width×Length  mm  35×100×920
 Overall dimensions  Overall length(without forks)  mm  2100
 Overall width  mm  1070
 Overall height  Extended height(mast)  mm  4020
 Lowered height(mast)  mm  1995
 Overhead guard  mm  2130
 Min.turning radius  mm  1950
 Min.ground clearance  Under mast  mm  110
 Center of wheel-base  mm  105