ZL50D-Ⅱ wheel loader


ZL50D-Ⅱ wheel loader features

1. WEICHAI engine is adopted, high horsepower, high efficiency and low consumption.

2. Single stage four units hydraulic converter, planet type force assist gearbox, automatically torque moment output.

3. The steering system adopts fully hydraulic flowing magnifying mechanism, manipulating lightly and flexibly, small turning radius, steady performance.

4. Double-pump combine, high efficiency and energy conversation, high performance of motive ability.

5. Four wheels double tubs clamp-disk type brake, gas storage container rear installed.

6. Front and rear classis are box-type structure, Perfect intensity.

7. Adopting modularization design, excellent optimization and combination of units, enforce the life the transmission system, more reasonable matching the machine.

8. Integrated control panel, streamline design, equipped with new type electronic instruments, monitor the operation condition of the machine promptly. Humanization control layout, box type decoration.

9. Sound and heat insulation, wide view, to seal up good, protecting cover, do manual work exquisite.

10. Standard heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioner optional. All specialized operation devices should be selected out and configured with.

ZL50D-Ⅱ wheel loader parameters

Model YTO ZL50D-II
Total weight Kg 16500
Bucket capacity m3 3
Rated load Kg 5000
Movable arm lifting time S ≤ 6.5
Three item time S ≤ 11.8
Max digging force KN 145
Min turning radius mm 5900
Traveling speed Km/h 350
Forward gears Km/h 11.5~36
Reverse gears Km/h 0~16
Max slope angle ° 25
Dumping height mm 2950
Dumping reach mm 1290
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 7500×2990×3400
Engine model WD615G.220
Engine rated power KW 162
Fuel tank capacity L 220
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 220