X354WZ910 wheel loader


X354WZ910 wheel loader features

Small size, and driving, wide working scope;

Hydraulic brake system, safe and reliable;

Chassis fastening structure, compact structure, flexible operation;

By mechanical transmission, power transmission box structure is stable and reliable;

A strong power system, high work efficiency;

Articulated hydraulic steering, small turning radius, flexible loading;

X354WZ910 wheel loader parameters

Model X354WZ-910
Rated Load kg 500
Total weight kg 1850
Engine Rated Power kW 14.7
Engine Rated Speed r/min 2200
Fuel Consumption Rate g/kw.h ≤254.1
Bucket capacity 0.28
Max travel speed km/h 24.22
Grade Ability % 25%
Drive type Four wheel drive
Three item time s ≤10
Min Turning Radius mm 3620
Ground Clearance mm 220
Hydraulic System Rated Pressure MPa 16
Dumping height mm 2150
Dumping reach mm 800
Overal Size(L*W*H) mm 4000×1450×2450
Wheelbase mm 1600
Tread mm 1160
Tyre Size 7.5-16 engineering tyre