X200PZ wheel loader-Takyna


X200PZ wheel loader-Takyna features

1. This machine has a multi-functional working device, which can realize various operations such as loading, fork loading, holding and clamping. It is multi-purpose and cost-effective.

2. Small size, small turning radius, forklift steering, flexible steering, able to operate in a very narrow space, wide working range, high working efficiency and low operating cost.

3. The appearance is simple and generous, and the layout is reasonable and compact.

4. Single cylinder diesel engine is adopted, which is economical and practical.

X200PZ wheel loader-Takyna parameters

MODEL X200PZ-Takyna
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 3450*1160*2200
The whole machine quality (kg) 1300
Track width (mm) 985
Wheel Base(mm) 1310
Rated erection load(kg) 300
Rated fork weight(kg) 300
The rated loading weight(kg) 300
Engine Model ZH1105
Rated Power((kW)/(r/min) 12.13/2200
Max running speed(km/h) 19.66
Climbing ability(%) 25
Rated working pressure for hydraulic system(MPa) 16
Maximum dumping height(mm) 1650
maximum discharge height discharge distance(mm) 750
Minimum Ground Clearance 260
Minimum turning radius(mm) 2000
Tire specifications (before/after) 7.5-16/6.5-10
Drive type front-wheel drive