X200PWZ-606 small loader


X200PWZ-606 small loader features

1. Mechanical transmission, stable and reliable.

2. Use construction tires, four wheel drive, strong adhesion.

3. Articulated hydraulic steering, dual articulated structure, firm and reliable, small turning radius, flexible loader industry.

4. Electrical appliance and novel design and beautiful shape.

5. Full closed steel cab, bright and spacious, open field of vision, humanized operation space.

X200PWZ-606 small loader parameters

Model   X200PZ-606
Rated Load kg 500
Total weight kg 2100
Engine Rated Power kW 20.6
Engine Rated Speed r/min 2400
Bucket capacity 0.28
Max travel speed km/h 20.88
Drive type Four wheel drive
Min Turning Radius mm 3500
Hydraulic System Rated Pressure MPa 16
Dumping height mm 2250
Dumping reach mm 680
Overal Size(L*W*H) mm 4150×1500×2500
Wheelbase mm 1700
Tread mm 1180