WY6 crawler excavator

WY6 crawler excavator

WY6 crawler excavator features

1. The original imported engine is used, featured in low fuel consumption and low noise and also it can reach the standard of Europe III.

2. The variable and operable hydraulic system is applied as it features advanced technology and high reliability.

3. With excellent outline, full enclosed, large-vision, the cab is equipped with air-conditioner (for cooling/heating) and sound equipment.

4. Many kinds of monitor display and function-control system are centralized in the Intellectualized minitype control-panel.

5. With the advantages of lightly and conveniently operating, accurate control, the hydraulic pilot valve system can achieve the elaborate work.

6. Holding the core concept of “excellent performance for high efficiency operation”, the excavator is suitable for the operation in the narrow   place for its small volume and turning around 360 angle.

WY6 crawler excavator parameters

Model GWY6
Total weight Kg 5600
Bucket capacity m3 0.18~0.21
Bucket digging force kn 37
Grade ability ° 30
Rear-end swing radius mm 1548
Min.ground clearance mm 325
Max.digging radius mm 6100
Max.digging height mm 5330
Max.dumping height mm 3630
Max.digging depth mm 3890
Traveling speed Km/h 0~2.1/0~4.2
Swing speed r/min 0~9.6
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 5945X1920X2600
Engine model Cummins B3.3-C/Yanmar 4TNV98-SSU
Engine rated power KW 45
Rated speed r/min 2200