WY10B crawler excavator


WY10B crawler excavator features

1. Choose the pressure rising engine produced by British Ricardo joint-venture technology, lower oil consumption, lower noise. Many kinds of engine are chosen for users according to requirements.

2. The loading transducer hydraulic which is full-power adjustable is applied as it features advanced technology and high reliability.

3. The strengthened X-shaped car rack is used which is convenient for adjusting the tension and tighten of the crawler, resistant against impact, more stability, reliably using and is applicable for various working conditions.

4. Many kinds of monitor display and function-control system are centralized in the Intellectualized control-panel.

5. With the advantages of lightly and conveniently operating, accurate control, the hydraulic pilot valve system can achieve the elaborate work.

WY10B crawler excavator parameters

Excavator Model / WY10B
Operating weight kg 10800kg
Bucket capacity m3 0.45 m3
Length x width x height mm 6760x2410x2771
Engine model / YTO  LR4A3Z-22
Rated power/speed Kw/r/min 68/2200
Fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤242
Fuel tank capacity L 230
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic system rated flow L/min 200
Hydraulic system implementation circuit Mpa 28
Main pump / variable displacement tandem axial piston pump
Swing speed r/min 0-12.4
Bucket digging force Kn 53
Arm digging force Kn 52
Max. traction force Kn 83
Traveling speed km/h 0-2.8/0-4.6
Grade ability ° 30°
Ground pressure kPa 40
Working range
Max. digging radius mm 6960
Max..digging height mm 5770
Max. dumping height mm 3930
Max.digging depth mm 4200
Outline dimensions
Overall length mm 6760
Crawler length mm 3320
Track tread mm 2600
Counter weight ground clearance mm 920
Overall height mm 2771
Tail turning radius mm 1945
Roof width mm 2410
Crawler height mm 825
Min.ground clearance mm 384
Crawler width mm 500
Track gauge mm 1900
Chassis width mm 2400
Earth-moving shovel(width/height) mm /