wheel excavator WLY70


Wheel excavator WLY70 parameters

Model. / WLY70
Total Weight kg 5800
Size mm 5750×2210×2790
Swing radius mm 1770
chassis height from earth mm 1050
wheelbase mm 2100
tread(front wheel) mm 1605
tread(rear wheel) mm 1605
Ground clearance mm 260
Dozer width mm 1950
Operating mass kg 5800
Swing speed km/h 8~10
Grade ability % 30
Speed range km/h 0~25
Engine Model. / YN36GB2
Rated power kw 50
Rated speed r/min 2200
Oil consumption g/kw·h 238
hydraulic system Type / quantified system
Hydraulic Pressure grade Mpa 16
Hydraulic rated flow capcity L/min 70/55
Grab data Grab grass weight kg 350
Max opening width mm 1150
Max dumping height mm 4500
Dig data Bucket vol. m3 0.22
Bucket width mm 660
Tyre Specification / 12~16.5

The machine (bell loader)mainly is used as a sugar cane grabbing machine, it also can be used as a mini excavator when the grab device change to a bucket.