YZD-4.5 wheel loader

YZD-4.5 wheel loader

YZD-4.5 wheel loader features

1) Power energy saving and efficient construction machinery use special diesel engine, power, power;

2) Gearbox is my factory in the original basis to further improve, make the work more reasonable;

3) Oil and gas brake braking system adopted, making the brake is more reliable, lightweight, configure a handbrake, operation more convenient;

4) Clutch adopts I specially designed clutch oil and gas company, operating light effect is good;

5) Working platform can automatically bounce, convenient maintenance;

6) The device configuration is high, compact design, reasonable, high efficiency and good performance, reliable in quality.

YZD-4.5 wheel loader parameters

Model YZD-4.5
Operating mass kg 4500(with cab)
Vibrating frequency Hz 50
Centrifugal force kN 60
Gradeability % 30
Turning radius mm 4000
Overall dimensions mm 3900X1400X2400
Diesel model C490BPG
Diesel power KW 35
Disel speed r/min 2600
Drum diameter mm 1000
Drum width mm 1200
Tyer size l 12-16.5

YZD-4.5 wheel loader application

Road earthwork compaction, asphalt concrete and cement stabilized soil, sand mixture preparation compaction, and trench backfilling and compaction of backfill construction. The vehicle flexible use, wide application, it is a kind of ideal compaction equipment.