YZD-3.5 single drum vibratory roller

YZD 3.5 single drum vibratory roller

YZD-3.5 single drum vibratory roller Main features

1) Power energy saving and efficient construction machinery use special diesel engine, power, power;

2) Gearbox is my factory in the original basis to further improve, make the work more reasonable;

3) Oil and gas brake braking system adopted, making the brake is more reliable, lightweight, configure a handbrake, operation more convenient;

4 ) Clutch adopts I specially designed clutch oil and gas company, operating light effect is good;

5 ) Working platform can automatically bounce, convenient maintenance;

6 ) The device configuration is high, compact design, reasonable, high efficiency and good performance, reliable in quality.

YZD-3.5 single drum vibratory roller parameters

Model YZD-3.5
Operating mass kg 3500(with cab)
Static linear load N/cm 90
Vibrating frequency Hz 45
Centrifugal force kn 53
Max.travel speed km/h 1.95/7.15
Gradeability % 28
Turning radius mm 4600
Overall dimensions mm 3500*1390*2200
Drum width mm 1200
Wheelbass mm 1686
Diesel model ZN390Q
Diesel power kw 22

YZD-3.5 single drum vibratory roller is applicable to :

Road earthwork compaction, asphalt concrete and cement stabilized soil, sand mixture preparation compaction, and trench backfilling and compaction of backfill construction. The vehicle flexible use, wide application, it is a kind of ideal compaction equipment.