YZD-3 Road Roller


YZD-3 road roller features

1) Mechanical drive, hydraulic vibration, hydraulic steering, with reliable performance and best price.

2) Suitable for various trench soil backfill compaction, high-rise building basement soil compaction, residential road base compaction, all kinds of lawn compaction.

3) The machine has compact structure, small volume, high efficiency, has 3times effect of 3 tons double steel-wheel roller compaction.

4 ) Articulated link, the steering is flexible, convenient transport in about 50 kilometers.

YZD-3 road roller parameters

Operating mass kg 3000
Static line load(F/R) N/CM 90
Vibrating frequency Hz 45
Centrifugal force KN 53
Max travel speed Km/h 1.95-7.15
Grade ability % 28
Turning radius mm 4600
Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 3500*1390*2200
Drum width mm 1200
Wheelbase mm 1686
Diesel model / ZN390Q
Diesel power KW 22