LTD626H road roller

LTD626H road roller

LTD626H road roller main features

1) Using advanced foreign technology and imported key parts and components production of fully hydraulic double driving vibratory roller. Super-heavy vibratory roller, the machine belong to a larger work quality and strong vibration force, so it is large, high quality, highly effective, the best compaction equipment in mechanical construction. It is suitable for rolling non-cohesive materials, such as gravel, crushed stone, sand mixture, sandy soil, etc.; Of low material also has a good compaction effect.

2) This machine is a highway, mining roads, large DAMS, important port and industrial sites and other projects in the ideal foundation compaction equipment.

3) The dynamic configuration for the cummins series diesel engine, the power reserve coefficient is big, work at an altitude of 4000 meters above the working condition of the construction.

4) Hydraulic/full/frequency conversion variable wheel; Articulated steering/second gear CVT, advanced technology; Brake oil cut-off, safe and reliable.

5) Streamlined lines/arc windshield surface/surface molding machine cover, formed the unique style of appearance modeling.

6) The convex block of steel wheel options or detachable convex piece of steel wheel.

7) Selection of hydraulic pump and motor vibration 90 series SAUER companies in the United States or Germany REXROTH products company.

LTD626H road roller main parameters

Operating mass Kg 26000
Stactic linear load N/cm 796
Vibrating amplitude mm 2.0/1.0
Vibrating frequency Hz 28/35
Centrifugal force kN 420/340
Travel speed km/h 11
Grade ability % 35
Turning radius mm 7500
Overall dimension mm 6540x2392x3048
Vibration round width mm 2100
Wheelbase mm 3500
Diesel model 6CTA8.3
Diesel power kW 160