LTD218H road roller

LTD218H road roller

LTD218H road roller main features

A. Power system: Cummins B-series extra-pressure diesel engine, huge power man coeffciency, compliable for the operating condition above 4000meters attitude;

B. Total hydraulic pressure, total drive frequency and radiation conversion, articulated direction change, two stepless speed changes, advanced technology: Blocking the oil supply to brake the vehicle, safe and reliable;

C. Streamline outline, circular windshield glass and curvy hood form a unique style;

D. Hydraulic pump and vibrating motors are of the 90 series made by the American manufacturer SAUER or the German manufacturer REXROTH;

E. Equipped with padfoot or removal padfoot as option.

LTD218H road roller main parameters

Model Cummins6BTA5.9
Type Vertical, water cooled, direct injection
Rated power 132KW
Rated speed 2000rpm
Rated fuel consumption 210g/kw·h
Main Technical Specification
Operating weight 18000kg
Type Hydraulic vibration
Frequency 28/35Hz
Amplitude 1.0/2.0mm
Static linear load 540N/cm
Drum shell thickness 40mm
Centrifugal force(high ampl.) 395KN
Centrifugal force(low ampl.) 290KN
Working pressure 42Mpa
Transmission System
Type Hydraulic drive
Grade ability 35%
Traveling speed(km/h)
Forward/Reverse 0-11
Traveling pump SAUER/REXROTH piston pump
Traveling motor SAUER/REXROTH piston motor
Drive type Dual wheel drive
Front axle load 9600kg
Rear axle load 8400kg
Steering System
Type Articulated frame, hydraulic steering
Steering cylinder Two cylinders
Steering pump Gear pump
Working pressure 13MPa
Steering angle ±35°
Min. steering radius 7500mm ( outer side),5400mm (inner side)
Braking System
Service brake Oil-cut off braking
Parking brake Hand operated drum brake
Overall length 5820mm
Overall width 2340mm
Overall height 3050mm
Drum width 2100mm
Wheel base 3160mm
Drum Dia. 1600mm
Tyre size 23.1-26
Ground clearance 472mm
Service Capacities
Hydrauclic tank 180L
Drive alxe central gear box 25L
Fuel tank 200L
Engine crank case 19L

LTD218H road roller is equipped with Cummins turbocharged engine, which has a large power reserve coefficient and meets the diesel engine’s performance demands when the roller is working in locations where altitude is over 4,000 meters. The roller is fully hydraulic and fully driven, with the variable frequency and amplitude. It adopts the articulated steering and the four-gear stepless variable drive, thus taking the lead in this field of technology. When fuel is off, the brakes are automatically applied, so it is safe and reliable.