LTC203H hydraulic tandem vibratory roller

LTC203H hydraulic tandem vibratory roller

LTC203H hydraulic tandem vibratory roller, which is dual  wheel drive,total hydraulic pressure,articulated direction   change,auto-watering on the front and rear wheel. It is a double   drums tandem vibratory roller and may vibrate in double drums or
single drum.   GWC203H roller is applied to mending and maintaining various roads, expressway   shoulders, sidewalk, parking area, sports ground and garden lawn.

LTC203H hydraulic tandem vibratory roller features

Hydraulic double wheels drive, hydraulic double wheels vibration and steering, with reliable performance and optimum function/ price ratio;

Both front and rear wheels have scraping and water spray unit;

Adopt N390 diesel engine, very convenient, for use and maintenance;

Compact integral structure, small volume, capable of used for compaction on narrow site.

LTC203H hydraulic tandem vibratory roller parameters

Model Cummins A1700
Type Vertical, water cooled, direct injection
Rated power 28KW
Rated speed 2800rpm
Main Technical Specification
Operating weight 3000kg
Type Hydraulic vibration
Frequency 50Hz
Amplitude 0.5mm
Static linear load 120/120N/cm
Vertical oscillation
Drum shell thickness 12mm
Centrifugal force 30KN×2
Transmission System
Type Hydraulic drive
Grade ability 30%
Traveling speed(km/h)
Forward/Reverse 0-11
Traveling pump SAUER/REXROTH piston pump
Traveling motor SAUER/REXROTH piston motor
Drive type Dual wheel drive
Front axle load 1500kg
Rear axle load 1500kg
Steering System
Type Articulated frame, hydraulic steering
Steering cylinder Two cylinders
Steering pump Gear pump
Steering angle ±30°
Min. steering radius 5000mm
Braking System
Service brake Oil cut off brake
Parking brake Button operated
Overall length 2760mm
Overall width 1400mm
Overall height 2430mm
Drum width 1250mm
Wheel base 2100mm
Drum Dia. 700mm
Ground clearance 220mm
Service Capacities
Fuel tank 70L
Water tank 100L