LT207G single drum vibratory roller

LT207G-single drum vibratory roller

LT207G is mostly worked in with the spreaded asphalt machine. Because of the very width vibrated wheel(1.7m) and the fine pressing speed which bring the great working ability. It is mostly worked with the largest spreaded asphalt. The roller is applied to builded-road, parking area and industry area, it is especially suited for express shoulder, side walk and the limited area.

LT207G single drum vibratory roller main features

1) Hydraulic vibration, great centrifugal force and high compactness.

2) Mechanical travel, pneumatic tyre drive, three speed changes both forward and backward and high speed travelling.

3) Articulated frame, hydraulic steering, small turning radius and flexible drive.

4) Full anti-corrosive spray water system, large capacity water tank, electrical pressurized sprinkler and unique nozzle design which covered all of the steel and pneumatic wheel.

5) Two sets of brake devices, a hand crake and foot pedal brake, assure the machine’s safety and dependability.

6) Both clutch and foot pedal brake system are adopted hydraulic power and saving manpower to operate.

LT207G single drum vibratory roller main parameters

Model Xinchai 498
Type Vertical, water cooled, direct injection
Rated power 36.8KW
Rated speed 2000rpm
Rated fuel consumption 185g/kw·h
Main Technical Specification
Operating weight 7000kg
Type Hydraulic vibration
Frequency 43Hz
Amplitude 0.4 mm
Static linear load 215N/cm
Dynamic linear load 320N/cm
Vertical oscillation 10°
Drum shell thickness 20mm
Centrifugal force 70KN
Transmission System
Type Mechanical drive(gear box)
Grade ability 25%
Gear shifts(Forward/Reverse) F3/R3
Traveling speed(km/h)
Forward/ReverseⅠ 2.2/2.2
Forward/ReverseⅡ 4.7/4.7
Forward/ReverseⅢ 15/15
Drive type Rear wheel drive
Front axle load 4000kg
Rear axle load 3000kg
Steering System
Type Articulated frame, hydraulic steering
Steering cylinder Two cylinders
Steering pump Gear pump
Working pressure 12MPa
Steering angle ±36°
Min. steering radius 5000mm ( outer side),2870mm (inner side)
Braking System
Service brake Disc brake, actuate rear wheels
Parking brake Hand operated drum brake
Overall length 5010mm
Overall width 1880mm
Overall height 2570mm
Drum width 1700mm
Wheel base 2750mm
Drum Dia. 1220mm
Tyre size 12.00-24
Ground clearance 400mm
Service Capacities
Hydraulic tank 110L
Gear box 25L
Drive alxe 25L
Brake booster 10L
Fuel tank 110L
Engine crank case 16L