HYC-205I 5 ton road roller

HYC-205I 5 ton road roller

HYC-205I 5 ton road roller features

1) Beautiful appearance,compact structure.

2) Back wheel drive, good grade ability,used for municipal road construction,highway maintenance,construction,pipeline backfill and so on road surface work.

3) Equip with national famous four cylinder disel, large reverse power.

4) Designed with hydraulic steering, it is labor saving and easy to control.

5) Joint venture hydraulic system,ensure efficient work.

HYC-205I 5 ton road roller parameters

Single drum vibratory road roller

Model.No. HYC205Ⅰ

Model No. Unit HYC205Ⅰ
Operating Mass Kg 5000
Centrifugal Force KN 50
Grade Ability % 35
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) mm 4500×1680×2600
Vibration Round Width mm 1450
Engine Power /Model kw 34/4B