2Y6X8B static road roller

2Y6X8B static road roller

2Y6X8B static road roller features

Mechanical travel drive and hydraulic power steering with reliable and stable performance.

Steering drum installed on rectangular frame with low center of gravity and high stability.

Narrow front frame and spacious driver’s cabin with excellent steering visibility.

Scrapers and sprinkling devices on all drums.

2Y6X8B static road roller parameters

Model. Unit 2Y6×8B 2Y6×8D
Max. operating mass kg 8000 8000
Min. operating mass kg 6000 6000
Static linear load,rear N/cm 295/410 295/410
Static linear load,front N/cm 177/237 177/237
Max.travel speed km/h 4 4
Rolling width mm 1270×1020 1270×1020
Wheel overlap mm 1270×1320 1270×1320
Grade ability % 20 20
Turning radius mm 6500 6500
Wheelbase mm 3150 3150
Ground clearance mm 320 320
Diesel model / 495AY 4BT3.9-C80
Diesel power kW 36.75 60
Overall dimensions mm 4500×1580×2660 4500×1580×2660

Static Tandem Rollers  Apply site:

Tandem static rollers are of mechanical travel drive,suitable for compaction of various stabilized soils and bituminous concrete and etc. on road surface construction,which are ideal compaction equipments for highway,municipal road and industrial ground.