SJH1004 wheel tractor


SJH1004 wheel tractor features

SJH1004 tractor standard equip: (shuttle shift).  (gear:8F+4R). (PTO/r/min:540/1000). (three point linkage) .(double disc clutch).(power steering) .(swing drawbar) .(traction system).(differential lock) (dual forced soil buried) .(farm tool forced in to earth device)

SJH1004 wheel tractor parameters

Model SJH1004
Type 4×4
Exterior sizemm Length 4032
Width 2046
Height(up to muffle) 2810
Exterior Power (hp) 100
Engine Speed (r/min) 2300
PTO Rotating Speed(r/min) 540/1000
Wheel Tread (mm) Front (16101950for option)1600
Rear (16202020for option)1616
Min.Ground Clearance(mm) 397
Structure Weight(kg) With Cabin 3800
Without Cabin 3500
Turning Radius(m) 4.2±0.3
Rated Drawbar Pull (kN) 20.5
Engine Model YTO LR4M3Z
Type Water cooled, vertical, 4 strokes
Cylinder 4
Rated power (kW) 73.5
Tire size F.wheel 11.2-24
R.wheel 16.9-34
gears 8F+4R
Speed(km/h) 2.4234.85
basic configuration (shuttle shift).  (gear:8F+4R). (PTO/r/min:540/1000). (three point linkage) .(double disc clutch).(power steering) .(swing drawbar) .(traction system).(differential lock) (dual forced soil buried) .(farm tool forced in to earth device)