N95/ KN95 Automatic Mask Production Line Equipment

N95 KN95 Automatic Mask Production Line Equipment

This machine is mainly used for automatic forming of three-dimensional mask:after unwinding the whole roll of fabric, it is driven by a roller, the fabric is pulled by the nose bar, cut to a fixed length and then imported into the wrapped fabric for welding and overall forming welding, the drive continues backward and first through printing (optional), then through ear-band welding mechanism for welding, labeling (optional), folding mechanism for folding, then ultrasonically inclined and sealed, and finally cut and formed by the cutter roller; finally dropped in aseptic Transfer basket; transport to the next disinfection process (the machine does not include disinfection equipment).

Work flow of workers

1. Manually place product raw materials on the material rack;

2. The worker opens the pressing roller in turn to put the raw materials into the wire body;

3. Worker presses device start button;

4. The equipment is manufactured automatically according to the set process;

5. Workers patrol line body to solve problems encountered in equipment operation in time;

6. The worker go to the other side to replace the full frame;

7. When the raw materials are used up, the workers repeat the above operation process;

Equipment installation and environmental requirements of N95 type mask automatic production line

1. Equipment size:9700mm(L)×1500mm(W)×2200mm(H);

2. Appearance color: aluminum alloy machine + powder coating;

3. Equipment weight:≤5000kg,Ground bearing capacity ≤500KG/m2;

4. Working power supply:220VAC±5﹪,50HZ,rated power≈10KW;

5. Compressed air:5~0.7MPa,Usage flow≈500L/min;

6. Use environment:temperature 10~35℃、humidity 5-35%HR,no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust(Cleanliness not less than 100,000)