Mask disinfection equipment

Mask disinfection equipment

Technical parameters of ethylene oxide sterilizer

It consists of three parts: sterilizer box, auxiliary equipment (vacuum system, heating water tank humidification system, EO system, gas circulation system, pneumatic system and tail gas processor), control system.

Sterilizer box

(1) The sterilizer box is composed of stainless steel inner tank and atomizer water tank, and the box material shall meet the vacuum pressure requirements. The sterilizer adopts water circulation heating or electric heating.

(2) Liner material: stainless steel SUS304, actual thickness ≥ 5mm; the supplier shall provide quality list and material test report.

(3) Water jacket: 6mm stainless steel is used for both sides and top surface.

(4) External temperature sense of sterilizer box: there is no obvious temperature sense on the surface during sterilization cycle.

(5) Thermal insulation: the thickness of rock wool is more than 5cm, and it should have good thermal insulation performance in normal operation. There was no obvious temperature sense on the surface during sterilization.

(6) Shell cladding: stainless steel SUS304 wire drawing plate δ = 1.2mm.

(7) Sterilizer door: adopt single door structure, pneumatic single door sealing (the chute automatically and smoothly opens and closes the door). (in case of failure in use, it shall be able to ensure that it is always locked and sealed). Sealing method: silicone rubber outer gas filled seal.

(8) Monitoring instrument: automatic real-time monitoring of pressure, humidity and temperature monitoring device, with accuracy and error of ± 1%.

(9) Motor: 380V 50Hz