Luojian brand telescoplc handler forklift truck features

The telehandlers are versatile rough terrain forklifts with the telescopic beam which can accept a wide range of attachments.

The safe working load ranges from 4.5 tons with a maximum fork height of 10 meters. Telehandlers are used worldwide in construction, agriculture and industry for the loading, unloading, carrying, and placement of heavy loads. they can be outfitted with a wide range of specialized attachments, increasing their versatility.

TH telehandlers feature easy operation flexible motion, a wide range of applications, low energy consumption, multiple functions, and could be the best solution for increasing your productivity!

Luojian brand telescoplc handler forklift truck parameters

DIMENSION MODEL LTH2560 LTH3060 (economic type) LTH50100H
Lifting capacity(max) 2500 kg 3000 kg 5000kg
Lifting height(max) 6000mm 6000mm 10000mm
Forward reach(max) 3280 mm 2900 mm 6840mm
Overall weight 8000kg 8300kg 12500kg
Transmission Hydro-mechanical transmission Hydro-mechanical transmission Full-Hydrostatic transmission
Drive type 4 wheel drive Front wheel drive 4 wheel drive
Boom segments 2 sections 2 Sections 3 sections
Control Integrated control handles Hydraulic pilot control,integrated control handle Integrated control handles
SIZE Overall length 6225mm 4815mm(without fork) 5845mm(with fork) 8000mm
Overall width 2400mm 2300mm 2450mm
Overall height 2300mm 2550mm 2760mm
Wheelbase 3000mm 2725mm 3100mm
Tread 2050mm 1910mm 2005mm
Ground clearance(min) 310mm 350mm 450mm
SPECIFICATION Lift capacity at maximum height 2500kg 2000kg 3000kg
Maximum capacity at extensional horizonal 1000kg 1000kg 800kg
Travel speed 25km/h(2 speeds forward and reverse) 25 km/h (2 speeds forward and reverse) 28km/h(2speeds forward and reverse)
Boom angle range -14°~ +58° -14°~ +58° -5°~ +61°
Drive/Steering modes 4 wheel drive, MORE STEERING TYPE: rear wheel steering, 4 wheel steering,crabsteer  Front wheel drive,  rear wheel steering 4 wheel drive,4 wheel steering
Outside tuming radius 4450mm 5800mm 7570mm
POWER Engine Cummins 4BT3.9-C80 Cummins 4BT3.9-C80 Cummins 4BTA3.9-C125
Rated power 82HP/60KW 82HP/60KW 126HP/93KW
Fuel tank capacity 140L) 150L) 150L)
Hydraulic oil tank capacity   110L    150L    165L