YTO 4LZ-2 Harvesting Machinery


YTO 4LZ-2 Harvesting Machinery features

The 4LZ-2 model is a kind of knapsack grain combine harvester, whose cleaning mechanism is a combination of fan and vibrating screen, which has fin-type upper and lower screen pieces, with an adjustable aperture angle and large cleaning area, ensuring high cleanliness. The harvester has a large grain store, whose grain unloading port is convenient to open. The cutting table is through and precise in cutting, guaranteeing a clean harvesting.

YTO 4LZ-2 Harvesting Machinery parameters

Swath mm 1900,2200,2500
Feed Rate kg/s 2
Total loss ratio % Wheat≤1.5;Rice≤3.5
Fragment coefficient % ≤2.0
Total mass kg 1800
Impurity ratio % ≤2.0
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 6544×2625×3070
Engine power hp 50-80