YTO T100G crawler bulldozer


YTO T100G crawler bulldozer main features

1. Engine: Choose the pressure rising engine produced with British Ricardo joint-venture technology, lower oil consumption, stronger torsion.

2. Master clutch: Choose dry, double piece and constant combining clutch, stronger torsion, simple and reliable.

3. Gearbox: Choose 4F+2R mechanical gearbox, simply operating, conveniently maintaining, reliably using.

4. Turning clutch: Choose dry and multi-piece turning clutch, manually operating with hydraulic pressure, easily maintaining, lightly and conveniently operating.

5. Transmission: Choose two classes, straight teeth, big modulus gear transmission, stronger carrying capacity and higher reliability.

6. Work device: Many kinds if work device are chosen for users according to requirements.

7. Operating environment: Choose fully completed close, low noise cab, effectively reducing ear noise.

8. Electric system id characterized by electronic monitor, making real-time monitor for complete machine assure normal operation.

9. Reliably using, conveniently maintaining, spare parts are easily purchased.

YTO T100G crawler bulldozer parameters

Main technical parameter / /
Model. / T100G bulldozer
Overal size(L×W×H) mm 1990×2935×2982(with scarifier)
Operating mass kg 10400/10650 (with scarifier)
Track gauge mm 1650
Wheel base mm 2160
Ground clearance mm 368
Track width / 450
Ground Pressure KPa 54.4
Gear box / speed (Km/h)  traction force( KN)
ForwardⅠ / 2.6/74.7
Forward II / 3.9/51.8
Forward Ⅲ / 6.7/25.5
Forward IV / 10.4/13.2
ReverseⅠ / 3.7
Reverse II / 6.7
Engine / /
Diesel Engine / LR6A3-23
Type / vertical、4-stroke、straight line、water cooled、direct injection
No.of cylinder-bore*stroke / 6-105*125
Engine rated power/speed kw/r/min 80/2300
Fuel consumption g/kw.h ≦238
Oil consumption g/kw.h ≦1.63
Max engine torque (N.m) 400
Transmission / /
main clutch / dry,Often combined,Disc spring compression
main drive / a couple bevel gear
steering clutch / multi-plate dry,pin slide type brake
final drive / 2 pairs’cylindrical gear,floating seal device
Control system / /
fuel feeding control / hand shank
main clutch control / pedal mechinical type
transmission control / mechinical type 4F+2R
steering clutch control / hydraulic assist mechinical type
brake control / pedal mechinical type
multiple unit valve operating / control stick
Ripper / /
Type / 3-teeth、fixed type、4-connecting rod construct
Lifting height mm 280
depth of pennatration mm 150
Teeth no. / 3
Dozer / /
Type / fixed straight dozer
W ×H mm 2935*960
Lifting height mm 830
depth of pennatration mm 350
cutting angle ° 55