YTO/SINOMACH T80-3 bulldozer


YTO/SINOMACH T80-3 bulldozer main features

1. The machine is installed with the YTO LR4A3Z-22 turbocharged engine, with high power, low noise, energy conservation and low consumption.

2. Gearbox is 4F+2R fixed-shaft mechanical gear shifting, applicable for various environments.

3.Integral trolley travelling construction adopting rigid chassis and semi-rigid hanger.

4. Advanced operation control system, fully hydraulic aided steering, with flexible and labor-saving operation.

5. Driver cab is welded with profile steel, with high strength, resistant against impact, and good protection safety.

6. Applicable for construction in narrow ground, with flexible working and high operation efficiency.

7. Standard heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioner optional.

8. Each maintenance center has humanized design, improving the convenience of repair and maintenance.

9. The complete machine has good economical power and high reliability, being an ideal machine for project construction.

YTO/SINOMACH T80-3 bulldozer parameters

Model / T80-3
Engine model / LR4A3Z-22
Rated power /speed kw/r/min 70/2200
Fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤246
Total weight kg 8600
Land pressure KPa 53
Min. ground clearance mm 350
Min. turning radius m 2.14
Grade ability ° 30
Track rollers (per side) / 5
Carrier rollers (per side) / 1
Pitch mm 154
Number of track shoes (per side) / 39
Track width mm 400
Track centers mm 1500
Length of track on ground mm 1960
Blade type / Straight pull shovel
Blade width mm 2480
Blade height mm 922
Max lifting height mm 736.5
Max. digging depth mm 370
Towing equipment/scarifier(optional) / Fixed/Three teeth
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) mm 4200x2480x2740
Gear /
Forward IV km/h 2.4~10.4
Reverse II km/h 4.9~8.9