YD160 hydraulic bulldozer


YD160 hydraulic bulldozer features

1. Pass the test and inspection of the relevant national authorities, with its safety, noise, engine discharge and reliability figure meeting the requirement of the national standard,, technical performance of the advanced level of the similar domestic models.

2. Use D6114 engine jointly made by Shanghai Diesel and Austrian AVL as the auxiliary power, with such advantages as los oil consumption, little smoke, big torque reserve coefficient and high attractive force of the whole unit.

3. The operation system is designed based on ergonomics, incorporate the operation handles on both side of the driver based on the function, and adopts pilot control for the working unit, greatly improving the driving comfort.

4. Hexahedral cab equips with high-class damping seat chair, rear view glass with armrest and adjustable for forward, backward, upward and downward direction, reducing fatigue whilst improving productivity.

5. Electromechanically integrated and automatic electronic monitoring system is applied for real-time monitoring for completion machine; the system is applied for class alarm to assure normal operation for machine.

6. Each maintenance center has humanized design, improving the convenience of repair and maintenance.

7. Several devices such as direct-pouring shovel, environmentally hygienic, angle shovel, coat-pushed shovel and soil scarifier are available for user.

YD160 hydraulic bulldozer parameters

Overall dimensions 6302×3447×3040mm
Operating weight 18.0t
Track gauge 1880mm
Length of track on ground 2570mm
Ground pressure 67Kpa
Width of track shoe 500mm
Flywheel power 132kw/2000rpm
Engine model D6114ZG6B
Traveling speed
Speed forward 2.5-10.6km/h
Speed reverse 3.5-10.5km/h
Shovel blade-specification
Max. digging depth 400mm
Max. lifting height of blade 915mm
Grade ability 30°
Blade dimensions 3447X1167mm